Solvang, California

Thursday, April 24, 2014 —

Say hello to this little Danish town in California... SOLVANG! :-)

Solvang (Danish for 'sunny field') is my favorite city (situated in the Santa Ynez Valley) in California. After Santa Barbara, we had lunch here in Solvang. I swear, it's the CUTEST city ever!!! Just had an hour to go around (boo tours hahaha) so my besty and I made the most out of it. We swiftly ate our lunch then we went around. Everything in this city is so dainty! If I loved it here, I'm surely going to fall in love with Denmark!! :p (praying for a eurotrip soon. LOL) 

Tried to cut down the photos but the best thing I can do is to put 70. I just had to share almost EVERYTHING!! This place is picturesque! Anyway, a lot of you guys are asking me what camera I use for my US trip. I use FUJIFILM X-M1 and I rarely edit my photos. :)

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