Monday, May 26, 2014 —
Got teased by my friends when they saw this outfit :))

Top - Lacoste
Birkenstock - Topshop
Bag - 3.1 Phillip Lim
Wayfarers - Rayon

I'm the kind of person who gets SO obsessed with one fashion trend. I still remember my obsession with peplum ANYTHING, bodycon skirts and dresses, florals. Now naman, my newly discovered loves are Lacoste polos, ripped jeans, and loafers. HAHAHA. Very manly right? When I went crazy at a Lacoste store in LA, my besty Joven said "daddy ka ba? daddy lang nag-gaganyan" HAHAHA. And when my bes here in Manila (Hi Joh) saw me wearing this she said "Tennis player ka?" Meanies!!!! :P

I think I'm leaning towards clean, minimalist, and classics na talaga. I can't say my style is turning to preppy chic because sometimes I can still be super girly parin eh! :)) But most of the time I like wearing polos, shorts/jeans, and loafers. Especially sobrang init ngayon and ang hirap mag dress-up (mag in-arte) LOL

Oh! I know A LOT hate that Birkenstock is in again but heyyyy, I like it :D It's so comfy. I bought this one in Topshop Chicago. But I've seen Birks in Zara, too :) 

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