Bloggers United 7

Sunday, May 11, 2014 —
Bloggers United 7 photodiary :)

With my sexy love Lissa :*

Cher Lui Pio! :)

Love, love the outfit of these girls! Thanks for buying sa booth ko :)

Hey babe Pauly pocket!:)

Thank you Jamba Juice sarap talaga ng drinks niyo forever:)

With JL and Domz!:)

Blog babies Christine and Arnie :)

About to get ice cream from Dairy Queen :)


So proud of you, Vern!!!! :) Congrats on your new book!

Babygirl Dani :)

Hi cuz!!!

HAHAHA KELLY photobomber!:))

Penge pinya, Dave!! Haha!

The clingies :)

My forever travel buddy, Tin :) 

So chic! Mariel and Steph :)

My blog mama Sarah! :)

Misspopquiz :)

SOFA loves Alyssa and Danika :)

New girl crush! Raiza Poquiz 8-)

Thanks to everyone who dropped by my booth and bought stuff :) Much appreciated. Thanks to Sunsilk for sponsoring the event!!!

Also to SMART. Talagang live more ang lahat nun namigay sila ng phone! :) Lol bongga! :) Excited for the next BU kasi I'm sure it's going to be bigger and better! And of course, congrats to my clingy loves Pax and Ana for creating this wonderful event! Grabe pang 7th na. :D Looking forward to the 8th installation! 

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