If I had a boyfriend...

Sunday, May 25, 2014 —

but I don't have one :P So... to the girls out there, I have a question!

This question (see paragraph below) popped into my head when I attended the Style Origin gala night feat. menswear collection at Greenbelt 5 last Thursday. Hi Julz, Cher and Ana :)

Was thinking the whole time, if I had a boyfriend, would I make him wear these outfits? Nowadays menswear seems to be totally redefined. For the men who are fashion risk takers, they'd probably try some of these trends but I want to ask the girls, would you make your boyfriends (or okay, brothers and friends) wear these? :) 

Some featured pieces here I'd surely ask my (future first and last) boyfriend to wear. But some, I WILL WEAR (borrowed from the boys ang peg)!!! This night I also realized I can't be a guy. Choices for clothes are so limited, I'll probably go crazy. o_O Lol. 

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