San Francisco: Palace of Fine Arts and Lombard street

Sunday, May 11, 2014 —

Good morning Palace of Fine Arts and Lombard street, San Francisco :)

After our quick visit at Stanford University and Golden Gate Bridge, we headed to Palace of Fine Arts for another quick photo op (this is why I hate group tours --- limited time means you can't explore the whole place :() Was pretty bummed out we can only check out the place for 45 mins max and off we go to another destination! I'm the kind of person who likes to take her time when I'm brought into a new place. Hahaha. Ok, enough ranting.

Lombard street was strangely beautiful. I had a lot of questions about it (who made this street, was he/she on drugs, why would cars prefer to pass by that crazy street, is there an alternative route/street HAHAHA the list goes on forever) the tour guide didn't go with us so my questions remain unanswered. I think I should just google it or something. Hehe. The walk to Lombard street was PRETTY INTENSE. I didn't exercise much when I was in the states (I was only doing this veggie/fruits diet thing) so most of the time I was weak. When we went here and I had fever. I had to hike (yup I prefer the term hike than walk because it was like climbing a mountain) for like 15-20 mins just to see Lombard street. Our tour bus didn't drive us to the street (I don't know if it wasn't allowed or they just wanted us to experience walking going there). It was really tiring but worth it because seeing the houses around that area inspired me even more to live (someday, perhaps after 5-10 years in NYC) in San Francisco. 

You know what? I think I want to experience driving in Lombard street. I will do it when I visit my friends there next year. ZIGZAG CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! Lol

I'm so hyper while writing this entry so I'm sorry for the randomosity. This is actually how I talk and think in real life. 

Ok, more San Francisco photodiaries this week! Watch out :D 

all photos were taken with fujifilm x-m1

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