San Francisco: Stanford University and Golden Gate Bridge

Sunday, May 11, 2014 —

Apple HQ, Stanford, and Golden Gate Bridge.

I'm back in Manila so my travel blogs kinda stopped cos I had to write about few Manila-related or brand stuff. But I'm back to posting travel diaries. I still can't believe my 2-month sabbatical is over. I super miss my chill life in the US. Now I'm back in dramanila, all I can think about is fixing my papers fast so I can finally move to New York!

I think I fell inlove with San Francisco. I liked this city so much to the point if my NY life plan doesn't work out, I consider this my second option. If you've been reading my past travel blogs / tweets, my besty and I went on a 3-day tour to this lovely place. First stop was Santa Barbara and Solvang in California. After almost a day on the road, we finally reached San Jose where we checked out the APPLE HQ. We didn't get to go down because it was raining. BOO. :| And we didn't get to go to GOOGLE. Ack. I'll definitely come back for these awesome offices hahahaha :))

The next day, we went to STANFORD university. Maaaan, I wish I studied in the states for college. Their campuses are SO beautiful! 8-) Joven and I decided to fool people (cos we went to Stanford on April 1) and announced in our social media sites (with matching photos pa ha!) that we enrolled in Stanford. Crazy besties haha

After our quick tour around Stanford, we went to the famous Golden Gate Bridge where we took shitloads of touristy photos. Hahaha. =P

More San Francisco travel diaries this week! :)

All photos were taken using a fujifilm x-m1

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