San Francisco: Union Square and Twin Peaks

Thursday, May 15, 2014 —

I left my heart in San Francisco.

I think this is already my fourth San Francisco photo diary. I just can't get over how beautiful and chill the city is. It's somehow similar to New York (especially their downtown) but the vibe is different. It's more relaxed yet it still offers the kind of charm New York is known for. 

During our last few hours in San Francisco, we checked out the famous Union Square. I had fever so we didn't get to walk around that much. Not even shop :( We had to spend hours in Starbucks so I can go to sleep (yep I took a shameless nap at the cafe haha). After my short but sweet rest, we ate at this italian restaurant and went to the mall. Around dinner time, our new found friends Hanna, Gio, Martin, Danieve picked us up. Went to the famous twin peaks. Did some night time touristy things... dropped by the golden gate bridge and palace of fine arts again :) Ended up at a Filipino restaurant at 1 in the morning. 

Really hoping I get to explore San Francisco more next year. 

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