Tuesday, May 20, 2014 —

First time to try surfing! :)

Surfing is in my bucket list. I've been trying to drag my friends to La Union or Baler but our schedules don't permit us. I was finally able to go to Baler last week to try surfing! Was super happy cos the waves were cooperative and perfect for beginners like me. I went to Nalu Surf Camp Philippines and paid 350 for a one hour surf lesson (with free beer!). Since I liked it so much, I took another 1 hour class. 

To those who are asking me if it's easy, I think the level of difficulty depends on the person. I skate and do longboarding so I was able to stand up on my first ride. But there were times I'd still lose my balance but majority of my rides were good for a beginner. (NAKS HAHA)

Can't wait to go back! Missing the waves. Still have so much to learn :)

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