Sunday, June 22, 2014 —

Feel free to read between the lines.

Cropped top from H&M
Skirt from ZALORA
Birks from Topshop
Necklace from SM Accessories

When an athlete gets injured and the doctor tells him that he can't play for months but he shouldn't lose hope that he'll recover (because he surely will), sometimes the athlete tends to wallow in depression because he got so used to playing and then suddenly he needs to stop. In the back of his head, he knows that he will still recover from it but the feeling of being stuck in a state wherein you can't do anything because you're healing is such a terrible wait.

And sometimes, the injury can be so traumatic to point the athlete doesn't want to play again. The fear of experiencing that same exact thing hinders him from going back to the game. When negativity strikes, you lose your passion, beliefs, and courage. You start questioning why you played in the first place. You retrace every deciding moment in your life that led you to this moment. Then after all the overanalyzing, you feel the pain that certain injury caused you. You see the wounds that will most probably heal but will leave a scar that will always be a reminder of that failure in your life that almost crippled you.

Then you ask yourself, what's next after this healing process and therapy? Will you be as good as new? Can you still play the game as good as before? Or will this injury make you fragile and totally change you?

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