Sunday, June 1, 2014 —

Jasmine Curtis Smith's Spin Nation season 2 outfits, photodiary and the trailer of her new love mystery drama show :)

Been styling Jasmine since last year for her show in TV5 called "Spin Nation" (see Jasmine's season 1 outfits HERE). Finally blogging about her season 2 outfits! :) 

One big anyway, people always ask us "how'd you guys meet?" Jazzy and I were busmates back in gradeschool. I'm 4 years older than her so we never really talked during those bus rides (wahaha bully? lol). She moved to Australia but still visited Manila everytime she got the chance to. Can't remember how we got to talk again (perhaps facebook or twitter?) but we decided to meet up (I think 4 years ago) and finally started a crazy friendship! 

Eventhough she's super busy, she's the kind of friend who's always to the rescue. Seriously one of the best people in my life right now. And when I found out she's going to have a new love mystery drama show, one thought popped into my head: SOBRANG WELL-DESERVED! 

Check out the trailer of JASMINE (yup that's the title of the show :P)

I'm inviting everyone to please watch Jasmine's new show "JASMINE" every Sunday 9:15pm on TV5. Pilot episode airs tonight :D

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