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Tuesday, June 17, 2014 —

I’m sure everyone has tried to use a whitening soap or lotion. May time na nauso siya when different beauty lines came up with their versions of whitening products. SkinWhite has been one of the pioneers in skin whitening. But recently, they launched a new product: SkinWhite advanced PowerWhitening.


What caught my attention is this TVC na I saw and these girls talking about their amusement with this product. It INSTANTLY whitens your skin daw. I’m like “yeah right whatever” when I heard it. Of course, the curious consumer in me decided to try it out. Lol I JUST NEEDED TO KNOW IF IT’S REAL :))
It’s not obvious in the photos but minutes after application, there’s a difference talaga. For me it’s like a concealer for your skin. Apparently it has tri-power technology that has the following benefits:
Whitens upon application. The product contains an opacifying agent that provides the white appearance to the emulsion, which in turn also projects that instant whitening effect upon application. Shempre I did my research. It’s safe :)
Significantly whitens in as fast as 7 days. I will monitor my skin color and let you guys know after a week if there will be a dramatic change sa skin color ko :P
I love my skin color but I just really want to see how I look like na super white. LOL. I think it’s time to let go of my tan dreams. Haha! Sakto to since patapos nadin summer season!
What I love about this is hindi siya sticky. I hate lotions that will make you feel sticky and parang ang bigat after application. This one, hindi. I actually got surprised. So far so good. Since I got darker again because of my recent beach trip, can't wait to use this again. Balitaan ko kayo re: my skin color. Can't wait to have an instant beautiful blush white skin! 

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  1. will definitely try this lotion because of your review. :)


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