Samsung NX mini camera giveaway

Monday, June 9, 2014 —

WOOT WOOT! Samsung and I are giving away NX Mini camera to one lucky reader of! :)

Do you have a hard time capturing the perfect selfie? The Samsung NX mini would be perfect for you!

SELFIE (n) an image of oneself taken by oneself using a digital camera especially for posting on social networks

I think we are the selfie generation. But to be honest with you guys, I don't like taking selfies because I tend to take really blurry/not flattering ones. Like this one! :( I'm so OC with my photos (I like them crisp and clear) so I never like selfies till I got my Samsung NX mini!

The NX Mini  is the newest camera from Samsung that can take your perfect selfies because it can capture clear photos even in low light conditions, has amazing shutter speed that can capture your half ready poses, and a flip up touchscreen LCD that makes it easier to frame your portrait.
Top 6 reasons why I love the Samsung NX mini:
1. It has a super long lasting battery life (it can take up to 650 shots)
2. It's so slim (22.5 mm) and light (158g)
3. It has a flip up display screen
4. It's touchscreen and can take wink/smile shots without clicking the button! Amazing!
5. Wifi connectivity so you can easily share your photos to your fave social media sites! Plus it can send the photos to your android mobiles without wifi. (YES!)
6. It comes in 5 colors: White, black, brown, mint green and pink!

Since Samsung is so generous, we are giving away 1 NX mini camera to one lucky reader! :D


1. Follow me on twitter, instagram and facebook (@tracyayson)
2. Follow Samsung on twitter and instagram
3. Post a selfie in your twitter and instagram showing the problems you have to go through everytime you take one (can be a selfie in an event with low lighting, bad angle, pixelated shots, anything that shows why you need to get your hands on the NXmini). Then tell us why you need an NXmini! With hashtags (#IwantanNXmini and #SamsungNXmini) and tag @samsungph & @tracyayson.
Criteria: Winner will be chosen based on creativity, caption, number of likes, and Samsung’s discretion.

Reminder: Please make sure that your accounts are public cos if it's locked/private, we won't see your posts :( And please follow the mechanics :)
Sample post:
"This could've been a really cute photo but it's so grainy and the lighting is so terrible! :( I want a Samsung NX mini so I can take selfies anytime, anywhere #IwantanNXmini #SamsungNXmini @samsungph @tracyayson

SO EASY!!!! Right?? :) This contest will run till June 23, 2014. Samsung and I will choose the best entry and will announce the winner on June 24 (my birthday hihi) on my twitter and blog page! :D



  1. This was my problem too, taking selfies but the beautiful one was blurry ;( Ooh, i need you and #IwantanNXmini

  2. Thank you for this post! :) I really need one now. Keeping my fingers crossed, Thank you again Ms. Tracy! :)
    Phoebe Ruth Roberto

  3. I'm so excited for the announcement of the winner on your birthday, Miss Tracy. Advanced happy birthday! <3

  4. Joined! ♥♥♥ Advance Happy Birthday! Stay pretty and healthy! More blessings to come..

  5. awwww this is just so perfect! great giveaway and Happy birthday, Miss Tracy! xx

  6. Done

  7. Can I post my entry ONLY on twitter? Please reply to this thanks :)

  8. Thanks for this blog! I want that Samsung NX mini too!


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