Monday, June 30, 2014 —

Spent my Saturday shopping + bonding with my blogger friends at Ayala Fairview Terraces :) Here's a photodiary + kwento about our super fun (filled with kainan and shopping!) day at this cool new place!

Reminds me so much of Ayala Center Cebu (the garden part) but for the interiors, it actually gives off a Glorietta 2 vibe!

First stop? Recipes for merienda!

We're ready to explore the mall! Hi Arnie and Kelly!:)

First store: Lock & Lock. What you guys don't know about me is I like going to home stores. I plan to have my own place someday (malamang, LOL) and I'm sure ma-aaddict ako sa home brands. Nyahaha. 

Top picks! 

Second store: Nature Republic. Korean store full of amazing beauty products!

Third store: Bambu. Slippers haven! Perfect for those laidback people who love chill footwear :)

Missed you girlyyyyy!!!!

Super comfy outfit because mega tour kami of the place! Hihi. Top from Stradivarius, jeans from Freego, shoes from Aldo, bag from Mango!

4th store: OXY. Really cute slipons and loafers! Wonder if it's comfy though! Sana tinry ko pala :))

Babygirl and cuz!

5th store: Apartment Eight. Love, love their stuff! Fashion forward.

6th store: C'ntro by Centropelle (Hi Nicole!) Looking for stylish heels and flats that are really affordable? Found it!:)

7th stop: CNA! My blogger friend Kring owns this and I'm really glad I finally got to visit :) Went crazy sa accessories nila! KPOP lovers, you'll definitely love this store!

8th store: Chase. Their clothes are 1000 below! Was super amazed kasi ang nice lahat! Di namin alam ano pipiliin :))

After the store visits, we had to do this OOTD challenge. The challenge is to find a unique place where we can do our OOTD shots. 

Ice cream pooooo maam sirrrrr!

After our OOTD session, we went to the activity center na to eat (woot woot thank you Fridays!) and to watch the menswear fashion show.

Couples! Kyle and Dani & Trice and Seph

Cool kids: Ana, Kelly, Arnie, Michael, Cher, Nikita and Yuki

Hello there pretty ladies! Raiza, Mama Sarah, Ava and Christine

With David and ang mga malalakas uminom, Catch, Niche and Pax. HAHAHA

Not much photos of the fashion show cos I was too busy watching and appreciating *true story* But this is my fave ensemble! Love this neoprene shirt by Jeffrey Rogador.

WHAT A FASHION SHOW. Hihihi. Abs galore!

The crowd went wild when Enchong went out and sang Treasure!

Enchong was my schoolmate in DLSU so medyo surreal talaga everytime I see him! Really nice guy :)

Super had fun at Ayala Fairview Terraces! Can't wait to see the mall kapag open na lahat ng stores!:)

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