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Sunday, June 29, 2014 —
Eat. Work. Sleep. Repeat. Those words define my life right now. I never liked routines and rote but because I had a 2-month sabbatical from Feb to April, I'm now letting work consume me. And since I'm always too tired to go out, I rarely hang with my friends during weekends. My Friday nights are spent at home, sleeping and on Saturdays I style Jasmine for SpinNation.

I can now officially say I'm a homebody. But there are times I just want to go out and make the most out of my youthfulness (LOL). I choose where and with whom, though. I don't like noisy clubs/places. But last Thursday was an exception!

PLDT Home invited us to chill drink with them at Republiq. I usually say no to these kinds of events but I decided to go because I REALLY NEED A LIFE. Hahahaha!

Good thing I went because I seriously enjoyed the unlimited amarettos, 90's music (yay not so noisy! ---I'm not a fan of EDM hehe this is my jam!), and bonding with PLDT executives and their newest #totesamaze girls.

Glad I got to bond with Debbie and Chloe. Have you guys seen the new PLDT Home TVolution commercial? :) Those pretty and perky girls from that commercial! Was super amazed to find out Debbie is a model, travel host and food blogger. She blogs about healthy food and posts recipes! Isn't she amazing??! Chloe, on the other hand, is also a model and blogger, but what's interesting is she blogs about modelling (the politics of it and economics… WHAT A SMART LASS!) Also found out she's a computer programmer. Love that these girls are beauty and brains… #Totesamaze!!!

The Totes Amaze girls also talked about the new Tvolution. It's now available for only P199 per month to the subscribers of PLDT HOME Fibr, as well as of PLDT HOME DSL Plans 999 and up.  At minimal costs, customers get the same benefits of a Smart TV. So I asked, what can it do? It can bring your Internet experience to a screen larger than your desktop/laptop computer. Your TV becomes your monitor, you can have access to exclusive PLDT HOME content such as Clickplay that lets you stream hundreds of blockbuster movies on-demand.

On top of high-definition movies from Clickplay and TV series from MyPinoyTV, TVolution users can also access more content by downloading apps like Spinnr powered by SMART Music and EA Games through PLDT HOME’s knaAPPsack. The TVolution also gives Fibr subscribers a multitasking TV through apps like Kingsoft Office, the ability to use their TVs to surf the Internet, and play games, both online and offline.

Was so curious how it works and Debbie & Chloe told me to watch their commercial to know the 3 easy steps! ;) (Or you can always call 171 for assistance)

What a geeky night!!! Can't believe we actually discussed tech stuff and our lives in Republiq. =)) Too bad I had to leave early (Cos I had early work the next day) but I'm ecstatic that I went out and met these #totesamaze girls. :) Love substantial nightouts! Haha!

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