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Monday, July 21, 2014 —

CLINOMANIA (n.) excessive desire to stay in bed

Last week, I got invited to go SIMMONS mattress launch. If my then self (aka younger self) would be invited to go to this kind of event, she'll probably pass. But because I am 25 now and it's all about fixing my life and investing on home stuff, I decided to go :)

Simmons is now in even closer proximity to affluent residents as the brand makes its expansion in the Philippines market. Working with its new dealer, Uratex, Simmons launched its concept store, Simmons Studio in San Juan, Philippines. Located at the Ronac Art Center, the concept store showcases Simmons Beautyrest Series, along with Simmons bedding accessories.

I got to try them and MAAAAAAAAN, I'd love to have one. Their beds range from 150-300k. I'm sure you guys will ask, WHY SO EXPENSIVE? Well, their beds provide the people with a chance to truly indulge in their beauty rest, and consequently improving their health. With over 140 years of history in delivering quality sleep and mattress, Simmons is the forerunner in technological innovations which includes the individually wrapped Pocketed Coil mattress with its legendary Do-Not-Disturb® benefit. It delivers unsurpassed support, maximum conformability and greatly minimizes motion transfer, allowing for an uninterrupted night’s rest between two sleeping partners. 

Plus, who loves hotel beds here?? Fun fact! Simmons is the preferred hospitality bedding choice amongst the top hoteliers. (See list of hotels above). Prestigious hoteliers around the world such as Shangri-La Group and Starwood Group select Simmons as they trust only the top name in sleep to provide their discerning guests the premium rest they deserve. 

Simmons continues to rejuvenate and refresh consumers through the introduction of the exclusive mattress models in the renowned Beautyrest® product line. 

4 reasons why Simmons is different from other mattresses available out there:

1. It is designed for maximum comfort and the ability to provide the most restful sleep ever.

2. Each mattress is made from the best materials sourced worldwide and coupled with the Original Simmons Pocketed Coil that offers our Signature Do-Not-Disturb® benefit to find the perfect balance of comfort and support.

3. Simmons Beautyrest mattresses has the ability to conform to the shape of your body to provide support; and minimizes the motion transfer from nightly  toss and turn of both partners while you are asleep to deliver an uninterrupted good night sleep.

4. Beautyrest mattresses are equipped with different layers of foams, fibres and even natural materials like cashmere, silk, wool and memory foam on the top of the pocketed coil unit. These layers add comfort and conformability to give the mattress a special touch appeal and enhance the cushioning feeling that you experience as you lie down.

They also have pillows that will complete your ultimate sleep experience! ;) Simmons mattress is perfect for a sleepyhead like me! I bet it will be harder for me to get out of bedwake up if I have this kind of mattress! Lol! :)

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