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Saturday, July 19, 2014 —

WHAT'S UP, TRACY???! :))

Attended the La Cellule event at Greenbelt 5 last week. It was all about mixing food and art. It's really interesting to see these kinds of things. From walls giving out food to floating buffet, I must say Greenbelt Ayala mall not only has great stores, but also cool and unique events that will certainly make your whole mall/shopping experience fantastic! :)

Finally got my INSTAX SHARE! To those who are curious, it's a photo printer! The photo paper used are instax films :) Cute right?? If you want to avail an Instax share, attend Instax Philippines' DIY workshop, go to Fortune Hall Elements Centris on August 2! I will be there with my fellow bloggers and Anagon will be one of the guest speakers! :) I'm sure it'll be an awesome event! See you there?? :)

Thank you Sample Room for my BURT'S BEES package! :) How'd you guys know Burt's Bees is one of my fave beauty products?? Hihi. Lol! :P

STILL NOT OVER THIS. I know it's been a month but I still can't believe I met Sam Tsui and Kurt Hugo Schneider! Also got to watch their concert with my fave people (Joh, Ana, Christine, Paul) :) Still fangirling!!!! Sam Tsui just released a new single, Next Best Thing!!! Watch it HERE!! :) LOVE YOU BABY hahaha LOL =)) /wishfulthinking

I'm super conscious with what I eat now BUT I still have my cheat days! Found my new addiction: Premium cookies, stuffings, and cookie shots from COOKIE BAR MANILA! I never thought I'd be so addicted to cookies again! Hahaha so bad for my diet but so good for the soul bwahahahahaha =))

Also starting to appreciate ice cream (OH NO SWEETS GALORE!) again thanks to New Zealand Natural! Why is it so yummers???? 

Cos I'm talking about food din naman, I think I should feature a resto once a week noh?? :) Anyway, I found my new (super cute and cozy) tambayan! A breakfast place in Shaw (in front of S&R), B&P! Not saying this just because the owners are my cousins (Hi Bea and Pia) but I really love the food there!!!! Make sure you try their tapa and baked mac! HEAVEN 8-) Another great thing about this resto? Affordable! Most breakfast places now are so expensive but this one isn't :) 

This is so random but 2 months ago, I bought art materials in National Book Store. Then they gave me a coupon for a raffle. 2 weeks ago, I got a call saying I won an iPad mini with retina display + Smart bro wifi! =)) Claimed it in the National Bookstore office last week and I swear, till now, I couldn't believe it! I've always thought raffles aren't true BUT WOW. Funny thing is, the reason why I bought those art materials cos I was so depressed (I paint when I'm sad). Look at the good karma I got! :) Thank you Lord!

This post is really, really random :P But I hope you enjoyed it hahahaha all the stuff I posted here aren't required/sponsored or whatever I just want to post about them! Hehe! Anyway, I WANT THOSE ADIDAS ADIZERO SHOES!!!!!!!!! Shoe fairy godmothers... Please!! Hehe lol

Ok, bye! :P

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  1. oh my gooood! the adidas shoes is sooooo uber cute!



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