My girls: Solenn Heussaff and Isabelle Daza

Saturday, July 12, 2014 —

Meet the new Adidas #mygirls ambassadors, Isabelle Daza and Solenn Heussaff! :)

Adidas My Girls line is finally here in the Philippines!!!!

 The launch was held in Planet Sports, BHS. Before the main program started, Adidas asked us get any items we wanted and so we could wear them to the event! We were so surprised!!!! :) I saw a lot of nice stuff and got crazy confused what to get kaya no photos! Was too busy shopping... obviously! :P

After 2 hours of intense shopping (will show you guys my loot later!), Divine Lee went out and introduced the people behind this successful launch.

Adidas Philippines' represent! Love her ensemble :)

Fashion show time!

Look at all these colorful Adidas outfits!!!! Everyone should workout wearing these items! It will make your gym look like an uber fun place (not a house of pain and torture! lol)

After the fashion show, they finally introduced the 2 new endorsers of Adidas My Girls line, Isabelle Daza and Solenn Heussaff! :)

Solenn and Belle are so perfect for this brand. These 2 girls are obsessed with working out (no wonder they have really nice figures) and they still look so good eventhough they're drenched in sweat cos of their intense workouts! I would know cos they were my classmates in Yogaplus and I swear (hope I don't sound too stalker-ish) but they still look so cute and fashionable while working out. 

I'm so glad Adidas launched the MY GIRLS line because I don't know about you guys but I love wearing colorful and stylish clothes in the gym! I'm not being pacute or whatever but I get more inspired to workout when I'm in nice gym clothes. :P

These are my top 5 faves from the ADIDAS MY GIRLS collection! :)

Congrats Solenn and Belle for being the new endorsers of the ADIDAS MY GIRLS line!:)

Look at my new Adidas stuff! Perfect for my crossfit and yoga classes + soccer practice! :D 

Thank you Adidas for these and for always making such fashionable sportswear! :)

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