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Wednesday, July 2, 2014 —

3 weeks ago, I was asked to be a guest speaker of some sort in a Watsons Hair Affair event. I remember saying yes just because I thought it's about time I conquer my fear of public speaking. I didn't know that I was in for something more.

I was running late because of the traffic so I didn't get to fix my hair in the car. I remember telling my blog manager, "Oh my gosh, my hair looks so bad! Hair event pa naman to!" Hahaha. When I got to SM North, I immediately looked for the Watsons Hair Affair event area. 

My task was pretty easy: to talk about outfits that are fit for certain hairstyles. I showed possible ensembles that can be matched with an updo, braid and curls. I was nervous at first, but easily became comfortable as the girls I was with on stage were very fun to talk to.

So, okay enough of that hosting kwento. Anyway, I'm sure you guys notice through my outfit posts that I NEVER fix my hair. It's just straight and boring. Good thing I was introduced to the power of hairstyling in the Watsons Hair Affair event. This event aims to teach people that there are more stylish ways for them to wear their hair. After all, hair is an important part of your look. It can make or break your style.

Hair Affair offers freebies, promos, and fun activities like the hairstyling demo.  Led by a team composed of talented hairstylist Kristine Ramos and a selected fashion blogger, the hairstyling demo showed people how to create different hairstyles (e.g. updo, braids, curls, etc.) while matching them with the right outfits and accessories to achieve a total knockout look.

Kristine, the hairstylist talked about 3 hairstyles and I showed some dresses that are perfect for each look. I was so amazed the whole time Kristine was doing the hair. In my mind I was like "wow it looks so easy… for her! I wish I can be as talented as her" She just used a few products (From Watsons) to beautify the hair and voila! She always finished the styling in 5 minutes. 

For the third segment (curls), I volunteered to be the demo girl. Imagine, I was semi-hosting the thing while she was doing my hair! It was really funny but it was definitely an experience. Everyone loved my hair that day. I must get the curling iron (Babyliss) she used on me from Watsons!!

Ran to Watsons to get the curling iron plus some hair care products! Don't know about you guys but I super enjoy shopping at Watsons. Haha! Very pa-girl! Lol. 

Hope there are more hair affair events like this! Sana bigger event next time :) Thank you Watsons for having me!

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