Oishi Snacktacular

Tuesday, July 8, 2014 —

Sunday funday at the Oishi Snacktacular event with TEAM O! Kathryn Bernardo, Daniel Padilla, Elmo Magalona, Slater Young, and Ramon Bautista :)

Attended the Oishi Snacktacular event last Sunday at Glorietta. It's like a fair wherein you can make your own Oishi snack, customize your Oaties milk & Choco chug ice cream, fill a huge Oishi snack bag with products... I swear it was like food heaven!

First stop? The snack shack! Filled our huge snack bag with Oishi products!! 

Wahahaha this is my favorite part. I really fixed my bag as in it was so organized because you can only go out if you can seal the pack! You'll see at the end of this blog post how much stuff I got! :P

With my fellow Oishi ambassador and favorite i-bully (HAHAHA) Paul Chuapoco! // Ina and her boyfriend fixing their bag! Go guys! :) // My snack bag! :)

Second stop? Make your own snack booth!

What a made was really simple. Bases? Ridges Potato Chips and Potato fries. Flavors? I mixed cheddar cheese and white cheese. YUMMERS!! :P

I called it "Tracy's crazy cheesy snack" pwede din sanang "Crazy Tracy's cheesy snack" LOLOLOL

Coleen and Billy with their snack called "Bicol" cute! :)

Third and last stop (save the best for last ba??)... the O-TWIRL BOOTH! Grabe. When Oishi told me they're going to turn Oaties milk and choco chug into ice cream, sobrang naexcite ako. Just want to tell you guys I'm obsessed with Oaties milk and choco chug. I drink those two EVERY DAY. So, yun na! Pagdating ko sa O-twirl booth, I was super happy to the point I got two cups. =)) Filled it with Wafu and pillows for my toppings! YUMMERS =) 
After visiting the booths, Paul and I went backstage to meet our co-ambassadors! Fun times! 

Elmo Magalona

Slater Young

Ramon Bautista

With the #medyobadboy (HAHA) Daniel Padilla!

And the newest addition to the Oishi family, THE teen queen, Kathryn Bernardo!:)

The Oishi endorsers performed for their fans too! Here's Elmo singing Kaleidoscope World.

People went crazy when Daniel went out!

I was really hoping he'd sing "Nasayo na ang lahat!" :( 

Finally, Kathryn joins him on stage!

They sang "Grow Old with You"


These photos are for you, Kathniel fans!:)

This generation's hottest teen stars!:)

Meet the awesome TEAM O! Slater, Daniel, Kathryn, Elmo and Ramon! :)

Woohoooo! Happy 40 years Oishi!!!:)

I'm really ecstatic to be one of your brand ambassadors!!!!!!! :) Woohoo!!! 

Look at my Oishi snack bag!!! Ayos ba? Pangkabuhayan showcase bwahaha lol! Thanks Oishi! :)

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