Shorter hair

Sunday, July 20, 2014 —

Goodbye (uber) long hair, hello shorter hair! Well just 5 inches shorter :P Why did I cut it? ;)

Top, pants, bag - Dorothy Perkins
Shoes - Sperry
Bracelet - Charriol

Whenever I do something drastic with my hair, it usually means something for me. Of course, the general reason is change. But mine's a different story. It has a deeper symbolism. I realized I've been in an emotional roller coaster for so long. I knew I could stop it but I got so used to being scared, I dreaded the fact that I need to "move" (actually, I couldn't move) so I just forced myself to be numb eventhough every highs and lows scared me to death (damn those frightening drops --- thought those paralyzed me).

One day I woke up and I finally got sick of it. I realized that it's time to set myself free from that seemingly endless rollercoaster. Time to stop torturing myself and stop the fear from eating me alive. But eventhough the whole ride almost killed me, I am grateful I went through that process. Can't believe the fear and melancholy finally disappeared.

I survived it :) 

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