Sunday, July 13, 2014 —

List of some shallow and unexpected things about this post

Jumpsuit - Topshop
Shoes - Zara
Necklace - Claire's

It's so unexpected that...

1. I'm wearing a semi-formal attire in a day event
2. I'm carrying a red bag (Usually I just use neutrals --- black, white or nude/brown)
3. My photos are grainy (are they? or is it just my connection?)

The continuation of "the unexpected"...

4. I attended a blog related event on a weekend (It's so rare that I do anything blog related during weekends --- I usually have work on Saturdays and Sunday is my rest day)
5. The Coke fashion show! It was so cute. There was a story. :P
6. A model gave me a coke can with the label "Sweetheart" (HAHA LOL) and brought me to the stage with him
7. They gave us Tim Ho Wan pork buns in the event (SO HAPPY cos I'm obsessed with them)
8. I got to label my coke bottles! My name (Tracy, DUH) and my dad's name (Tony) :)
9. I got to take home coke cans with "Cutie" and "Crush" labels
10. I am thinking of giving them to my crush hahaha JOKE LANG OK

Bye hahaha

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