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Thursday, July 17, 2014 —

Since I mostly write about fashion here in my blog and my main job is styling in magazines, people always ask me what my favorite stores are. I’m not the adventurous kind when it comes to shopping. I always go to the same stores (but of course, when I have to do pullouts for work, the circumstances are different) and check if they have the new styles. Now I’m going to share with you guys my top 5 fashion brands here in the Philippines. It’s actually quite obvious when I post OOTDs here in my blog but just for fun, I’ll explain why they’re my top picks!

Top and heels - Zara
Skirt - Romwe
Bracelet - Charriol
Shades - Rayban

The best one from the best ones! Zara is my most favorite. I actually don’t have to explain this one because I’m sure you guys will agree with me that it’s the best fashion brand SSI brought here in the Philippines. I can’t even describe my love for it. Every collection makes my heart skip a beat! The quality of their clothes is really good, too. I go to this store like twice or thrice a week… just because I want to know if they have new stocks. Haha!

Stradivarius and Bershka are my new discoveries. These brands were just brought in recently and the main reason why I started liking them is that their clothes are wearable AND really affordable. Also, the collections are really fun and young. So when I need a colorful and playful ensemble, I go to these shops.

Third store that I love? Lacoste. Why Lacoste? My friends actually don’t get me whenever I hoard polos from this store. I think I got my love for Lacoste from my parents. When I was young, my mom likes to buy me polos. I think I started liking them again last year, when I realized I want to stick to minimalist dressing. So that means anything simple, comfortable, and straightforward. And I believe this brand delivers those qualities, well.

My love for minimalist dressing is connected to why I like TOD’S. I love heels but I can’t wear them that much now because my scoliosis is getting worse. There are a lot of flats out there but most lack character. I love TOD’S because it’s so classy and stylish. Can’t believe I’m saying this but if you ask me now, I choose loafers/moccasins over heels!

Obviously, I spend a lot of time in malls. Since it’s my job to be always in the mall (I do pullouts at least 2 or 3 times a week for my magazine shoots), I get to check these stores. But I’m sure a lot of you guys have 9-6 jobs so you don’t have much time to check out your fave shops during weekdays. And for weekends, sometimes it’s a hassle to go around malls cos there are a lot of people! The fashion Gods must have heard your woes, shopaholics! J

I recently discovered this fashion/shopping app that will give you information about your favorite SSI stores, update you re: promos, give you discounts, etc. It’s called the SSI Life App. (available for apple and android). It saves you time when shopping because they announce if your favorite shops have new stocks, new discount deals, and even new branches! I’m really hoping that someday, this SSI Life app will allow us to buy our favorite SSI brands, online! :p That would be really fantastic (ahhh a girl can dream!)

Oh! And another great news for you fashion lovers! SSI created this SSI Lifestyle contest.


1.     Follow the SSI Life Instagram page (your Instagram pages must be viewable to the public to be qualified as well)
2.     Pick your 3 favourite brands from the Stores Specialists Inc. roster of brands (to know the brands of SSI, you have to download their app for the complete list!) and post an Outfit Of The Day (OOTD) picture showing and naming the brands they have chosen. You have to post it on Instagram with #SSILifeSTYLE for the hashtag.

One (1) contest winner will be chosen by television celebrity and blogger Sarah Meier. The contest winner will be chosen based on the judge’s expertise in fashion and styling, the photo and outfit’s aesthetic appeal.

The final winner will be posted on the SSI Life Facebook page on the 31st of July so follow them there too.

Contest entries will be accepted from the 15th until the 25th of July only. 

The promo contest winner will be featured on the SSI Life social media pages and win an SSI Purple Card worth Php 5,000!

I should probably join this contest too! :P Haha! So to my readers who frequently shop at SSI brands and who love posting OOTDs… join now! J


  1. Love the look! Me also I love Zara and Romwe!

    Gabi Barbará (totes amaze girl Chloe)

  2. Love how you put together the outfit! Totally looks like a one-piece! LOVE


  3. Mine's Zara, Topshop, Stradivarius, and Forever21 :)

    Love the outfit btw!



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