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Wednesday, July 9, 2014 —
My friends always tell me I’m a workaholic. Since I’m a freelance stylist and writer, whenever an opportunity comes, I always grab it. When I entered this “freelance world”, I knew it was a big risk in all aspects that’s why I never say no to work. Also, the reason why I like working a lot is because I don’t like dull days. I never pictured my life to be stagnant. Productivity is one of my favorite things in this world. And of course, I’d be a hypocrite if I don’t mention the monetary perks of being overworked (it’s a great motivator). Right now I’m lucky I get to do something I love and it gives me a competitive compensation so I get to save up.

I never thought I’d really take this “save” concept seriously till I realized I want to see the world. My main goal in life right now is to travel. Of course that means I have to save up for my travel funds. I promised myself I’d go to a new place/country every month. I think I’ve been doing this since 2011 (the year I decided to quit my corporate PR job to study fashion that eventually led me to this freelance styling job now).

4 months ago, I asked my parents if I could do a 2-month sabbatical and just travel around the US. Before the trip, I was working my ass off. I rarely went out because I told my friends I was saving up so I had to do a lot of jobs. Whenever I didn’t have a choice but to go out, I made sure to spend my money wisely. Not to eat in too expensive restaurants, cut down my shopping funds etc.

Now that I’m back from that vacation, I said goodbye to my relaxed self and said hello to the world of the workaholics again. It’s time to embrace my old self; the girl who works to save for her future travels. This time, I make sure I only buy what I need. No more spontaneous shopping (perhaps just when I am in dire need of retail therapy HAHA).

Speaking of buying what you need, there are things you can’t sacrifice because they are needed for hygiene care (and beauty care hahaha!) like shampoo, toothpaste, mouthwash, tissue, soap, band-aid, facial wash, lotion, face mask (hihi) etc. I used to hoard and buy expensive brands but then I realized I have to be practical in order to save.

Good thing I found affordable alternatives to these necessities at Watsons! J

I compared the prices to the stuff I used to buy before to the Watsons brands I bought now and I’m super saving a lot. I was so scared at first because I was hesitant about the quality but to tell you honestly, quality is really good for their prices! 

Plus, they’re “buy 1 take 1”! Getting 2 items for a price of 1 is always music to my ears J My wallet is overjoyed!

Also got these fashion/beauty items! Babyliss is one of the best curling irons available in the Philippines now:) The original price of this is 3k+ but because Watsons has a promo, I only got it for 2500! SCORE!:)

Bought a Clear Shampoo (yes I use for men hehe) and got this free pouch! Didn't know they had this promo, too! :)

Now that I switched to Watsons brands, I’m actually saving a lot of money! :) Yay!

You guys, what are you guys saving up for? J Let me know!

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