Adventure weekend

Friday, August 29, 2014 —

Last weekend was definitely one for the books :)


Hippie mode: ON (haha lol) last weekend at The Circle Hostel! Read all about my hostel experience HERE

But of course we just didn't stay in the hostel! We did a lot of activities that weekend. :P

Walked to the nearby beach with Ana banans! Say hello to our customized havaianas :)

Spent like 30 minutes just listening to the waves crashing. I live for these moments!

After my solo time, I was confident I was going to have an incredible weekend at Zambales. 

First activity after eating lunch at Mama Phoebe's? :) HIKING!!!!

Wahaha Tracy versus Talahib! Kaloka to hahaha adventure na agad e!

We hiked for 30 minutes. WATER! We're near! :D

I think the waterfalls' name is Angelo? The tour guide wasn't sure. Hahahaha!

With my travel bud, Ana!!

So happy to see the falls! Worth it yun buwis buhay moments! :p

Swim time!

After 1 hour of appreciating the place, it's time to go back.

SO BEAUTIFUL. God you are way beyond magnificent!

Another mini falls we passed by!

So refreshed! I was totally energized after that quick swim. I truly enjoyed the hike back!

We survived~!

When we got back to Circle Inn Hostel, we were so damn hungry! So... Pancit canton time at Mama Fely's!

Our adventure didn't stop there! Skimboarding time at the beach.

It became "muni-muni" and rest time because we were so tired!

Watched the sunset. When I captured this shot, I kept thanking God for a wonderful day. Always and forever grateful to experience these things. 2014 started pretty bad for me. Well in just one aspect but everything else in my life? I can't thank God enough :) 

It started getting cold (brrrr windy much!) so it was BONFIRE time! I swear, I was getting all kilig deep inside because I really felt so blessed. Ibang klase. :) Read about how I spent my first night in Circle Inn Hostel Zambales, HERE :)

Woke up early the next day to check out the waves! Our main goal why we went to Zambales is to surf, but sadly, NO WAVES that weekend huhu! Flat as a pancake! :(

But you always have to turn a bad moment around. So we just paddled around the calm waters. Hehe! Good exercise, too! :P

When it was almost time to leave, we headed back to Circle Inn Hostel to chill at the Common Area.

Seriously love this spot! Books and musical instruments everywhere!

Trying SO hard to play the guitar. Hahahahaha! Oh my rockstar dreams! :))

Also tried playing the bongos but... NO!!! Hahahahaha I failed =)) 

Gave up on the musical instruments so I just focused on what I do best: laze around + read a book!

 Left our marks after aka write on the walls at the common area! HAHAHA daming feels e!:))

Stopover at Subic! Lunch at Extremly Espresso and shopped for chocolates at Duty Free! :) Perfect way to end the trip hihi

Thank you Lord for this amazing trip! :) Praying for more weekends like this! :D

Now, everyone... Enjoy your friday night and go have an epic weekend!!!!!! Besos! xx

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