Arizona day 1: Grand Canyon

Tuesday, August 19, 2014 —

It was my first time in Grand Canyon last April! Such a dream come true to finally see it :)

 We spent 5 hours on the road. Thanks to my cousins Kuya Jaypee and Kuya Ron for driving! I slept all throughout the trip. HAHA. Such a sleepyhead!

Photo op! Lol! My cousins were my photographers! :D

Muni muni. Lol. NO seriously! I was TOO amazed.

Hey there buddy!

My cousins and my fave Ninang Rexy!:)

Speechless. God is amazing. Thank You for building this for us (humans) to enjoy. You are magnificent. 

I still remember what I felt during these moments. I was so grateful to witness this kind of beauty. I was just taking photos, then stopping for a while to stare at it. Then take photos again! 


Of course my two cousins were just taking photos of me the whole time because they've been here so many times already :P

LOOOOL sick of my face yet? Hahahaha! :p

Went to the museum to check out historical facts about the Grand Canyon!

Started walking again... I wanted to hike but we didn't have time! I'll surely do this when I go back :)


I have fear of heights but I was like "YOLO" (lol kidding I didn't say that!). I decided to focus on the greatness of the Grand Canyon so I was able to overcome my fear.


Warning warning but... HAHAHA! Rebel mode =))

Photoshoot time! Heehee. So close to the edge! I was crazy scared while my cousins were taking my photos.

Missed them so much!!!! Hi Kuyas if you're reading this balik ako next year ok? :p

When I was about to leave I was seriously already planning what I'm gonna do here next time. Stay at one of the cabins and hike for days!!! AJAAAAA! :D 

I took like, a million of photos!! I swear. All angles. Haha! 

Souvenir shop to buy stuff for my parents! :D 

Ate at Big E Steakhouse after. Highlight of my Arizona trip is eating steak almost everyday. HAHA. Lol!

Way overdue travel blog! I'll continue my travel diaries these coming weeks :) Watch out for my Arizona, Florida, and Chicago photodiaries. Thinking if I should still post my Sagada, Vigan, Bohol, Cebu, Cambodia, Hongkong, El Nido, and Bangkok trips pa! So much stuff to post!

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