Diary of a first time Crossfitter

Friday, August 15, 2014 —

I'm always game to try new exercise programs, so this time I gave crossfit a shot :D

I've always known crossfit existed but I never dared to try it because my friends who tried it said they vomited, almost passed out, etcetera. So when Kyle asked me to try Crossfit in their Greenhills branch, I was hesitant but I decided to go for it since Mama Sarah loves this community / box so much!

First day was TOUGH. We did baseline: 5 runs, 10 pullups, 20 pushups, 30 situps and 40 crunches! And it was TIMED. Hehe! Because I'm competitive, I was the first one who finished everything. But I was so dizzy after. It's because I didn't do any exercise before doing this. I advice everyone who wants to try crossfit to at least do a bit of cardio before going into this program. But I felt so good after because I finished first and I survived! :) I didn't vomit or anything. My legs became jelly after but that's a normal effect.

Hahahaha this is me telling coach "I think I'm going to die!" LOL. He cheered me (and laughed but in a jokingly way). The coaches in Crossfit made sure I got everything I needed after that challenging baseline. They gave me water, made me rest, gave me candy for sugar... Hehe! 

After my LONG rest (hahaha) I finally got to stand up. My first day was crazy I swear! I remember getting so scared because it was my first time to feel that dizzy but I felt so awesome after recovering. Doing all those things in less than 4 minutes was pretty incredible for a person with zero exercise for almost 2 months! :P

Even with that mega challenging start, I went back. Crossfit is 3 times a week. My only struggle is that I'm a freelancer so my work schedule is so unpredictable. There's a schedule you need to follow. For example, MWF or TTHS. There are certain timeslots you need to attend if you're a beginner. Proper scheduling and discipline are majorly required!

This woman made sure I went to ALL my crossfit classes. She reminded me and even went with me eventhough she didn't need to! For support lang :p There was a time she also did the beginners WOD (workout of the day) with me kahit she's not a beginner anymore! Aww thank you Mama Sarah!! 

BTW, read her Crossfit posts HERE and HERE :) 

Me practicing pullups. I kept telling mama Sarah "HINDI KO KAYA!" or "Ahhh ang hirap!" but...

I eventually did it!!! :) I was so happy when I was able to do this! Tawang tawa ako after because biglang "madali lang pala!" Hehe :D

For 3 times a week, you'll learn different WODs (Workout of the Day) that will focus on different parts of your body (Arms, legs, abs etc). The Crossfit 101 program has 9 sessions + 1 week regular class (P3450). Each session/WOD usually lasts for 30 minutes lang but there's a warm up, discussion about health and fitness before each WOD then the actual thing tapos cool down na :)

I think what I learned best after every session is that you have to finish strong. Everything is timed and they'll really push you to the limit but the most important thing for a crossfit beginner is to finish strong. Yes, it's a bonus (for your ego LOL) if you finish fast but you always have to consider your strength and power. Kung kaya mabilis gawin yun WODs, then go for it! :)

And what I like about this Crossfit Greenhills branch also is the COMMUNITY. The people are so warm and everyones so friendly! :) They really support you and cheer you pag WODs. It really helps me get through the challenges (naks!) shempre kapag may nagccheer! Bait ng mga tao sobra :)

So do I recommend Crossfit? Yes. But like what I said, talagang dapat you have discipline to follow the schedule and the WODs. I think crossfit is made for competitive people. Talagang nakakachallenge yun exercises! :) Which makes the whole experience fun! 

And of course, ang main question is did it make a difference sa weight ko? YES, too! I lost weight (yung fats na replace ng muscles!) but shempre guys, I eat healthy too. Lahat naman ng exercise programs out there will require you to have a balanced diet for you to see the full effect of the workouts! :) 

Thank you Crossfit Greenhills for the Crossfit 101 experience! :) Visit them at 4th Floor, Intrawest Centre, #33 Annapolis St., San Juan or go to their facebook page for inquiries :)

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