London girl

Wednesday, August 20, 2014 —

Little London girl! :p

Dress - Topshop (thanks bes!)
Hat from a store in London
Shoes - SNH

This isn't my usual style but when I received these Doc Martens-ish boots from SNH, I was facetiming with my bestfriend who studied in London for a year and she immediately knew how I can wear/style them. :-) This is actually her dress and hat! I rarely wear edgy stuff anymore but it's so fun to experiment. I kinda missed wearing something that will surprise people (cos it's not my style). Got a lot of compliments that day! I was actually scared because "baka hindi ko carry" but hey... I somehow made it work, eh? =)))) 

Thank you to my beautiful blogger friend Alyssa for taking my photos that day! Love her dress from ASOS! :-) This girl is actually going to be my future roommate when I go to New York (hopefully 3rd quarter of next year!) SO EXCITED! :-)

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