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Thursday, August 21, 2014 —

Today's work attire! :P 

Top and jeans - Topshop
Espadrilles - Forever 21

Double stripes (top and flats) for today's OOTD! :P This is my usual attire when I go to work (aka fashion shoots). As a stylist, I have to wear comfy clothes because I run around, dress the models, kneel to fix clothes etc during shoots. I try to dress up and be fashionable to live up to my job title (stylist) but I'm so used to wearing this kind of ensemble. Behind the scenes gal. :P

Anyway, sorry for the quality of my photos. I just used a digicam here. My memory card for my dSLR got broken. Actually, I need a new camera. Huhuhu. My blog photos have poor quality because my dSLR and lens are too old :-( Ack! 

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