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Friday, August 1, 2014 —

You know when they say you have to go through breakdowns to breakthrough? That's what happened to me this July! :)

I remember this time wherein I really don't feel like going out but my friends always try to drag me out of my bed haha! Successful night. I actually drank in Curator and Exit Bar (this only happens once in a blue moon) :)

Afternoons filled with heavy talks over coffee

Nights of crazy cafe/resto hopping with my favorites! From EDSA bdg to Torch!

"I'll wear black because I'm grieving" LOL

Accepted so many shoots/jobs this month. Hustle, hustle! Women's Health shoot at Fitness First Platinum SM Aura.

Then I joined crossfit! (I'll blog about this tomorrow!)

Foodtrip with Papa! Charlie's and Ikkoryu!

Drowned myself in the world of literature. This Lang Leav book produced SO MUCH FEELS. Lol

Babies/kids make me happy!

First time to watch stand-up comedy! I had a hard time breathing from laughing so hard!!! 

Midnight snackin' at Borough w Jor after 2 hours of laughing like crazy fools at the stand-up comedy show!

PalmReadingMondays with my Nuffnang family!!! :)

Dinner at Wholesome Table with Cat :)

Coffee date aka intense heart-to-heart talk with Orgcomm loves Nads and Trist!

KDRAMA ADDICTION! Finished 4 dramas this month: The Heirs (Lee Min Ho!!), 49 days (My favorite so far), You're Beautiful (see those lines? YES. #feelz) and You Who Came From The Star (cute story!). Dunno what I shall watch next. This Kdrama marathon is seriously affecting my sleeping pattern. Hehe

Since my sleeping (and even eating) habits became so unhealthy, I needed to do detox!

You can order Tiny Tea at :)

Corazon dinner with Stepipay! :)

When I'm not reading books or watching kdramas, I read magazines and practice putting makeup! Love the packaging of this Art Deco makeup!

Pullouts are so bad because I get tempted to shop :/ This NIKE SHOES (!!!) tdf!

Kuppa date with the bes! Yummy nutcracker latte and 4 cheese pizza.

POTTERY BARN IS MY NEW FAVE STORE!!!! Furniture shopping plz

Shoot shoot din for my blog pag may time (UGH so much hate for this way overused line hahaha)

Wholesome Table and Vyne with these crazies KP, Trish, Kimmy, Josine, Gelo!

A lot of people asked me where I got this dress! Got it at ASTOGROUP :)

B&P with Jazzy! :)

Got to try unique food (longganisa ice cream + tocino pandesal) in Black Sheep!

White chocolate dream latte + slip-ons. Current obsessions.

Been raining hard lately. It's so hard to go out of the house (cos the weather is too lovely and I don't like traffic --- i mean who does, right!)

Good thing Uratex sent me this new Orthocare Harmony premium mattress! Perfect for my back (I have scoliosis) and stay-in days :) Ahhhh! Thank you!

Speaking of gratitude, I also want to thank ASUS for giving me 2 new phones!! Zenfone 4 and 5! Can't wait to play with these babies :D :D

Ended July right. (Little) sources of happiness: good food (Namnam and Mary Grace) plus...

Movie night with friends! Hello Ana and Verniece :)

Hope you guys enjoyed this July photodiary! Welcoming August with a genuine smile and happy heart :)

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