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Tuesday, August 26, 2014 —

So excited to share with you guys my awesome experience at Circle Hostel Zambales :)

I've been hearing about this hostel for quite sometime now. My surfer friends frequent in their La Union branch so I got surprised when I found out they also have one in San Felipe, Zambales.

So last weekend, my blogger friend Ana and I decided to check it out! Writers from different publications (TV5's hitlist and also went with us. :) It's actually my first time to stay in a hostel! 

We stayed at the bunk beds (350 a night/per person in Zambales, and 400 a night/per person in La Union). They gave us new sheets/pillowcases for the bed and they built-in mosquito nets and privacy curtains!

They also have hammocks with built in mosquito nets for only 250 per head/a night in Zambales and 300 per head/a night in La Union).

The main reason why we went here was to surf. You can rent surfboards at Mommy Phoebe's and Bobot's (walking distance from the Circle Hostel).

Fell inlove with the artworks! Hippie vibe :p

Hi Garfield!!!! :P Fat cat hehe

The Circle Hostel also has lockers (it's free if you have your own padlocks but you can also rent padlocks for 20 pesos!). I didn't bother putting my things here. I don't know if it's advisable but I was in a "I trust everyone here" mode so I just left my things (yeah even my valuables) in my bed. I didn't lose anything :)

Took advantage of the cool walls! Photoshoot (for instagram lol!). Wearing my astig "Anatomy of Sleep" We are so Lame shirt.

My favorite tambayan in Circle Hostel? the COMMON AREA! I swear I can live here forever. There are hammocks, bean bags, books you can read, ukelele/guitar/bonggos you can play. Plus I met a lot of people here. :) Also, check out the "artworks" of the visitors! Daming words of wisdom. Hehe.

Inspiring right? I'll share more artworks with you guys tomorrow! :p 

I did a lot of things during the day but I'll share that with you guys tomorrow. So let's skip that and proceed to my first night at Circle Hostel. Well, I had fun is an understatement. We played the instruments, we sang, we played cards, the other guy did magic tricks and taught us (hihi can't pull it off though lol), we played random game (whatta, categories, questions --- This is actually a drinking game but since I don't drink, eventhough I lost so many times, the people who were playing the game with me didn't force me to drink! They respected my decision and I super appreciated it!). I met a lot of new friends that night. 2 writers from diff. online publications, 2 malaysian guys, 3 people from Business World, a couple who works at BPI, an Ateneo law school student, a 29 yr old woman who started backpacking). The Circle Hostel lives up to its tagline "THERE ARE NO STRANGERS" :) The people were so friendly, warm, and approachable.

After our random game, some of them slept early so there were only a few of us left at the Common Area. My blogger friend Ana, Niz from Malaysia, Shyla from TV5's Hitlist, and Joel who is an Ateneo Law student. We had the BEST conversations that night. Everytime I remember that night I can't help but smile! It's so amazing to meet new people with different perspectives and beliefs. I love hearing their stories and opinions about things. We talked about religion, world problems, traveling, relationships, the government, and the list goes on. These guys had so many intelligent statements / realizations that will forever be embedded in my mind (and heart!). What a wonderful experience. Thank you Lord!

... To be continued. :)

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