What's in my make-up kit?

Friday, August 22, 2014 —

A lot of you guys are requesting for this!!! FINALLY remembered to do it =)) 

Seems like I have a lot inside my everyday make-up kit but I don't use them everyday! I can't go out the house without putting...

THIS on my face! Johnson's baby powder. If most of you guys have foundation/bb cream/cc cream for their base, I use this :P Actually, whenever I go out to do pullouts/grocery or any quick errand, this is the only thing I put in my face. I also put this in my hair whenever it becomes oily. Lol! :P

My face powder eversince highschool! COVERGIRL. I used MAC powder before but it made me breakout!

Whenever I feel like my eyebags are getting crazy big & dark and when pimples attack my face, I use this: TARTE Maracuja creaseless concealer. I got this in Sephora during my US trip. Perfect for my skintone and it really covers imperfections/booboos :P

I'm super particular with my eyebrows. I use this FACESHOP brow set everyday and this MAC brow set (GirlBoy) for special occasions.

My trusty SHU UEMURA eyelash curler :-)

I loved eyelash extensions! LOVED because I'm super lazy to curl my lashes and put mascara. But the girls from Sephora told me never to do eyelash extensions again cos it will ruin your natural lashes. Boo :( So I bought this DIOR lash maximizer (it's like a white mascara that will create an illusion that your lashes are actually super long!) then I put the real deal (lol haha), my favorite GUERLAIN mascara. It smells so good! I mean not that it matters (who will smell your lashes lol!) but super love the scent plus it doesn't get clumpy!)

Recently discovered the wonders of eyeliner! I mean it makes my chinky eyes bigger :P Hihi. This MAC Proenza Schouler is my best bet for black eyeliner because it doesn't smudge (considering I have oily skin!)

I actually don't use these. I always forget. Why do I even have two lipbalms?? EOS and Burt's Bees. Both peppermint flavors (I love anything minty haha). I should remove one in my kit. Probably the EOS one cos it's too big HAHA

My instant "I-look-like-I'm-made-up-but-not-really" weapon: MAC Russian Red lipstick. Everytime I'm lazy to put anything (not even powder nor concealer), I wear this. Para lang masabi nag-effort! Haha! I don't use the famous MAC Ruby Woo because I don't like matte lipstick. Plus it's too bright for me!

OOOOOH... Perhaps I should post my lipstick collection next time? I have gazillion (that I don't use anymore) haha uh oh! Lol! What do you think??? :)

For the cheeks! Been using NARS Orgasm blush for 2 years already. Best nars shade + best natural blush for me. But I recently discovered Benefit's BENETINT during one of my shopping trips to Sephora. This is actually a lip and cheek tint! Super love it :)

I keep a PHILOSOPHY (Hope in a jar) moisturizer in my make-up kit just in case... I don't know! LOL I don't even use this. I know moisturizer is good but I have oily skin so I don't like putting moisturizer (yeah yeah I'm also aware that even if you have oily skin you still need to put moisturizer) but I'm not comfy! :P Perhaps someday...

I rarely use this one! But this is a MAC bronzer. I use this for contouring (As if I know how hahaha I try! :P) + a HAPPY SKIN brush :)

Must for oily skin! CLEAN AND CLEAR oil control film.

I don't know why I have this in the pocket of my make-up kit. It's just a small DIOR perfume. I obviously don't use this (Dami pa o!). I should remove this in my kit too. Hahaha.

Adding this one because I'm rediscovering my love for nude eyeshadows! :P URBAN DECAY's Naked 2 palette. I use the "tease" shade to contour my nose (bridge lol!) =)) YES I contour my nose haha learned it from my NY friend Ayang! :P 

So that's it! Hope you enjoyed this post! Will probably post my lipstick collection, "what's in my bag", and book reviews soon! :D I'm a bit tired of shooting outfit posts (HAHAHA JK) so I must embrace diversity when it comes to blogging! Lol!

K, toodles! x


  1. Your kit ranges from the simple stuff like the Johnson's baby powder to shala ones like Dior, Nars and Philosophy. How cute!

    I can relate to your loose powder, Tracy! I use Lewis & Pearl powder on my face for years now and I'm happy, so far. Kapag sinipag-sipag, I also use a lip and cheek tint. I've been seeing a lot of reviews about Benetint but since I don't use it often, I don't think it's practical to buy one for me. If you don't want to use the Dior perfume, I can take it. Haha! Mini perfumes are sooo adorable :)

  2. And oh, I'm looking forward to your book review. I'm curious what a traveller/blogger reads up on :)


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