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Sunday, August 3, 2014 —

Corporate look!

Top - CLN
Pants - Warehouse
Shoes - Spring Manila
Shades - Rayban clubmasters

Corporate look for today's blog post! (minus the shades of course) hahahaha I'm going to start abusing my new clubmasters so you're going to see it a lot here in my blog and instagram! Hmmm... So why am I wearing a corporate attire? I really don't know too! :P Well actually, my outfit was formed because of my new loafers from SPRING MANILA! I think it goes well with this taupe top and pants (Naks confident hahahaha)! But it's also sakto because I had a meeting with Fujifilm and borrowed their X-M1 camera. I borrowed it for my 2-month trip in the US but just with the kit lens. This time, I got their 35mm lens. I actually used them for this ootd! :) That's why my photos are super clear, vibrant, and crisp. 

Told you guys I'll be posting my POTD's (photographer of the day) OOTD, too! :P (Except of course when my yaya takes it haha) Hi Ana! Super love her Doc Martens! I want one too but sadly it makes me look... weird! Huhuhu

Hayyyy it's raining so hard now! Was supposed to go to CCP for Cinemalaya but... I'm so lazy :/ HAHAHA. Well it's a Sunday! Excuse to laze around and relax ;)


  1. Ayy special mention wahaha! :D Si Cea nag Cinemalaya kahapon! :) Sana maka CCP na din ako minsan wahaha layo nga lang! Happy Sunday!!! :)

  2. you're so lucky with fujifilm! wish icould borrow their camera too for my blog! It's been a while since I had my last OOTD post.. great shot tho


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