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Monday, September 1, 2014 —

Recently discovered these low-calorie meal plans, FIT FOOD MANILA!

FIT FOOD MANILA actually just started June of this year. What made them decide to do this is their experience with other diet food delivery services that served really bad tasting food. I can super relate to this because I've tried low-calorie meal plans too and unfortunately, I couldn't last since the food tasted so bad! I still want to enjoy my food even though I'm counting the calories! :p 

FitFoodManila figured if they can make diet meals taste better with the same amount of calories, a lot of people will find it easier to diet and a lot more people will be able to stick to their diets longer.

Want to share with you guys my meals last week!






5 reasons why I love FITFOODMANILA

1. CLEANLINESS OF THE FOOD --- Fit Food Manila has 60 HACCP (Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points) trained employees under their company to make sure food is prepared properly. So they're really legit! I'm always conscious with how people prepare my food (I'm OC) so this fact is a major deciding factor for me when I signed up for Fit Food Manila.

2. TRUSTED PROFESSIONALS  WHO CREATE THE MEALS --- They have a licensed nutritionist to work with them in understanding how to do calorie counting and also hired a chef with 8 years experience in a hotel restaurant, and 4 years in different restaurants around metro Manila.

3. QUALITY OF THE FOOD --- To all you curious minds out there, this is how they work: their chef will give his recipe and our nutritionist will control the calories by adjusting the ingredients (eg. changing the oil to olive oil, changing cheese to white cheese, etc.) She will send it back to their chef who will then try the same recipe with the revised ingredients. After this, they do a food tasting of all the dishes and select only those that taste good and exciting. A list of all approved recipes gets sent to the nutritionist and she will then schedule the meal plan to ensure that each day gets only the specific amount of calories. 

4. CUSTOMER FEEDBACK --- Most of their customers are loyal repeat clients who love the quality of their food. Some even lost as many as 18lbs since they started with Fit Food Manila. The regular calorie servings per day is 1200 but they also have customers who order the higher calorie servings and use it to maintain their weight after they have reached their ideal weight, they also cater to them as well so they have 1500 and 1800 meal plans.

5. PRICE AND CONVENIENCE--- The 1200 calorie meal plan is only 1850 for 5 days. So that's 3 major meals (breakfast lunch dinner) plus 2 snacks everyday for 5 days. (delivery charge not included yet). It's really affordable especially if you don't like cooking and you're always on the go. The meals are delivered straight to your door the night before. I actually computed the cost of my meals per day, it's just roughly 400 pesos. That's the price of a 1 meal you pay for when you dine in a healthy resto.

Plus, they send you this letter with your day 1 meals! These tips super helped me with my diet :D

To order, text 09177240222 or visit their instagram and facebook! :)


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