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Friday, September 12, 2014 —

Everyone needs a break sometimes, right?

Been so swamped with work these past few days. In the magazine world, we’re super advanced. We are actually already done shooting editorials and writing articles for our November issue. This weekend, I started conceptualizing and researching fashion trends that we will feature in the December issue.

2014 seems to be in a rush! I swear. I can’t believe it’s already September. I still can remember how my year started and how work stressed me out (that led to my 2 month sabbatical in the states). Everyone needs a break. I super miss my chill life in the US but I need to work my ass off if I want to travel like crazy again next year! Haven’t gone on a vacation since June, but hangouts with my friends (like movie dates), I consider those my "break time" too :)

I found a way on how I can take a break from work... at home! I learned to submerge myself in the world of technology aka playing games, trying new apps, and watching Korean dramas.

I love checking out new sites or taking quizzes online (guilty pleasure hehe lol). Discovered ‘s new Agents of the Break Movement.

Logged in using my facebook and saw these 3 categories: Create trailer, see gallery and generate agent name. Hehe I find these things amusing because it’s interactive and I’m just curious how I can become a Kitkat “secret” agent LOL :P

Created my agent name but they still have to verify my name (see the super funny disclaimer HAHAHA)

So I tried the other category: Create trailer! But before I can do this, I needed to recruit 4 friends to join me in the Break Movement! J

“Recruited” Ana, Paul, Pax and Mama Sarah! Super laughtrip ng questions before they can become legit Kitkat Break Movement agents! :p

Bam! Finally J They’re part of the Kitkat Break Movement na! I’m about to create our trailer (hahaha this is actually exciting for me cos I don’t know what kind of trailer will it be!).

THE David Guison (Naks) hahaha also did the Agents of Break Movement! Mga baliw na agent =))

I encourage everyone to try Kitkat’s Agents of Break Movement at See you in our (digital) secret world, co-agents! :p

Thank you KitKat! :)

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