Friday, September 5, 2014 —

The sneakerhead in me is rejoicing! Say hello to my new adidas ZX flux babies :P

Every month is a constant search for new sneakers/rubbershoes. I started collecting them last year (When I fell in love with exercising and the gym). Even though they’re pretty pricey, I always consider them as motivation. But I also discovered that you can wear your rubbershoes with almost anything in your closet! Last year, the sneakers fashion trend started and I thank all the sports brands in the world for creating such pretty rubbershoes that are now fully accepted in the fashion world. I was so happy because this means one thing: more rubbershoes, less heels! :D Comfort over anything painful, of course!

This month, I checked out adidas and these two shoes caught my attention!

The designs are jaw-droppingly amazing. Plus, it’s so lightweight! Feels like you’re not wearing anything. I like it that you can pair it up with anything; A plain dress, shorts and cropped top combo, ripped jeans and thin strapped top etc! Here’s an outfit photo of me sporting my new adidas ZX flux. Super in-love with them!

Top - Bench
Leggings - Topshop
Jacket (wrapped around my waist) - Zara
Rubbershoes - adidas ZX FLUX

Paired it with leggings and simple V-neck shirt. I wanted the shoes to standout. I added a jacket tied around my waist so the outfit won’t look “too lazy” hehe :p

Checkout these adidas ZX FLUX styles for men! If I had a boyfriend, I'd definitely buy these for him! Lol :))

The new adidas ZX flux is full of intense, photo-real colours and the digitally printed upper of the shoes is vividly captured on satin. Minimal, smooth lines against gutsy prints, It really is full of delightful contradictions; definitely a one-of-a-kind and stylish rubbershoes!

The ZX Flux packs are available for purchase at PHP 4895 at leading adidas, sports and sneaker stores.


  1. you cut your hair?! loveet!
    love the rubber shoes by the way :)

  2. Loving this one you are wearing!

    bjs de Filipinas,
    Gabi Barbará


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