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Tuesday, October 28, 2014 —
Pinto Art Museum galleries 4 and 5!:)

(see Galleries 1,2,3 HERE

YUP. Hahahahaha :P :P

My fave part was Antonio Catral Leano's installation called "Forest"

To be honest, I didn't bother checking the artists (except for my fave installation --- FOREST). I was disappointed with myself cos I usually do that but I was too busy appreciating (naks!!! + busy taking photos LOL) so I purposely didn't take note. BOO ME. So sorry, no captions. Hope you still enjoyed this photodiary! One last Pinto Art Museum post tomorrow, promise :P Then back to regular programming! Hahaha toodles xx

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  1. Whoa! We just went there this afternoon. Too bad we came a bit late so we didn't get to see everything :( but I enjoyed the place so much! ♥

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