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Wednesday, October 8, 2014 —

Don't settle, never settle!

When I started blogging, I was hesitant to share to everyone bits and pieces of my life. I’ve always liked my privacy and I have major trust issues. I started kind of late compared to my blogger friends. I sought advice from them and one thing that got stuck into my head was this: “You’re going to encounter people who will dislike you and your style so just be ready”. To be honest, before, I had poor self-esteem. In this world where most people (hoping this will decrease!) base their judgments on the physical attributes of a person, it was a challenge to share outfits wherein I had to post photos of myself almost everyday. I had my fair share of trolls and harsh comments that really got into me. My insecure self started doubting my capacity to stay in this industry. Especially the choice of “expertise” I chose in the blogging world is fashion.

One thing that helped me get over that phase is my belief that we were created in the image and likeness of God (Genesis 1:27). We have a majestic and ethereal God so each and every one of us is beautiful in their own way. It’s quite disappointing that society and media created certain standards/norms and earthly descriptions of the term beautiful (hourglass kind of vital statistics, perfect nose bridge, eye folds, straight teeth etc.). But as women, we should learn how to be our best selves. Good grooming, taking care of our health by eating good food and exercising, and making sure we look presentable. It’s not being vain but it’s taking care of the body the Lord gave us and putting into our minds that we are fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139:14).

While I was browsing videos in Youtube, I saw Olay’s newcampaign  “Be Your Best Beautiful”. I was curious so I clicked it and totally fell in love with the powerful message! Sharing to you guys the video and my favorite lines.


“Women make their lives more beautiful when they don’t settle. Never settle. Be your best beautiful”

If my heart and brain had hands they’d probably applaud intensely. I never liked the word “settle”. It’s so mediocre and no one should ever be content with mediocrity. God wants the best for us and that means to never settle for less than you deserve. So to the girls who think they’re just settling; may it be an upsetting workplace and/or a career that hinders your growth as a person, having friends who are bad influences, destructive romantic relationships), STOP SETTLING darling! Sever the ties and aim for what’s best for you. Don’t settle, never settle! You only have one life so make sure you achieve the best in everything. Always keep in mind to be your #BestBeautiful every single day of your precious life J

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