H&M VIP opening

Thursday, October 16, 2014 —

H&M is finally here in the Philippines!!!! 

"Grabe parang nasa abroad ako!" Ana and I blurted the same line when we saw the big H&M sign + LCD screen while walking down the red carpet. 3 FLOORS OF RETAIL HEAVEN! :D 

First thing I checked were the price tags. And guys, GREAT NEWS. I mean, I already talked to the H&M PR about the price point last June so I knew that it would be the same as Hongkong but I was still shocked when I saw the prices! It's really, really affordable! And most of their stuff are cheap (it's safe to use that term because seriously people, compared to the other famous stores out there, H&M's prices are so low!)

Tops range from 299 up, sweaters from 599 up!

They have a wide selection of shoes, bags, accessories!!:)

These Doc Martens-ish boots? P1699!

Flats from 699+

The famous Birks? 899! Boots? 1699!

These necklaces are only 599 up!

Necklaces, bracelets, rings? 149 up! Look at those price tags. UNBELIEVABLE! :)

Jackets at P1600+

Embroidered denim shorts + leather shorts P1100 only!:)

Girls! Their lingerie area is tdf :p

Classic pieces! Ganda!! :)

JEANS FOR 899. Yes. They also have boyfriend jeans/ripped denims!!!

H&M Studio line (the high-end collection of H&M)

I regret not getting these two!!!

AND THESE!!!! I was busy taking photos =)) Pagbalik ko no more size !:(

For the hiphop peeps out there! :P

...And the glam gals :p

...And the preppy ones! 

Shirts for 299. YES!!!!

More jackets and parkas... perfect for our very bipolar weather! :)

Tim Yap hosted the event. Rachelle Ann Go even flew from London to perform! Galing :)

Spotted! :) Hi Pax, Mark, Ana and Ruth!

Verniece and the Poquiz sisters Raiza and Shari :)

Shopping in tandem! Lol! Pineda sisters Katie and Karen + Lovebirds Kyle and Dani :)

Blogger babes! Tricia and Angela :)

The beautiful Ryza Cenon + my clingies Pax, Ana and Mama Sarah!

Cuzzies Steph and Trish

This japanese DJ Yulia also graced the event!:)

"Mirror selfie" hahaha

Always fun talking to this girl!! :) Love you Tricia! Sama naman sa travels =))

Familiaaaa! :) Hi Panot, Trish, Tita and Cheskie! :)

Blogger loves :)

THE CLINGIES! Paul where were you?? And Tin the birthday girl didnt go :( Aww!!

Shopping buds last night! Mama, Ana and Yats! :)

Such a cute photo of us, Raiza!! Congrats for winning the H&M contest! :)

So now you know what to expect in H&M, will I see you all tomorrow at H&M Mega Fashion Hall? :) Gates open 9am! It's going to be a battlefield for shopaholics tomorrow, for sure! =))

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  1. I love this blog post! Very helpful 👍 (+quirky pics of you and other bloggers) SML 💝


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