In or out?

Tuesday, October 14, 2014 —

Another neutral ensemble.

Tucked-out top, I look like a schoolboy.

Tucked-in, I look like a schoolgirl.

Top and shorts - Forever 21
Bag - I forgot... o_O
Shoes - Stradivarius

So which do you like better? Tucked-in or tucked-out? If I were to choose... well... I don't know! LOL. LABO! =)) Hmm so here's another set of iPhone OOTD photos because I'm too lazy to bring my dSLR. What's new. I've said this a million times already. I need a smaller camera with a dSLR quality. Suggestions anyone? I'm confused if I'm gonna get fujifilm or sony. Or new lens for my super old Nikon dSLR (I use d40 hahaha, I'm thinking of getting a 35mm lens). Techie friends... HELP ME DECIDE o_O

K, time to do bank errands and attend meetings. Toodles! xx


  1. 35 mm lens! :) or sony series mirrorless camera :)

  2. Canon mirrorless :) read lot of reviews that it is really good. :)
    How about your samsung nx mini? #wantedit #sellittome :)))


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