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Wednesday, October 15, 2014 —

I want to share the Korean dramas I've watched :p Don't worry, no spoilers! :)

Eversince I got back from the US, I started staying at home more. I'm not sure what happened but the thought of going out isn't appealing to me anymore. I think I became antisocial hahahaha =)) Because of this, I started watching TV as to not waste my free time on sleeping :P I used to watch a lot of foreign series (Suits, Revenge, Gossip Girl, 2 Broke Girls, 90210, Orange is the new black, New Girl, Modern Family, The Vampire Diaries, Pretty Little Liars, Awkward, How I met your mother, The Walking Dead, Once Upon A Time, Grey's Anatomy, The Originals, Lost, Nashville, The Carrie Diaries, Twisted, Suburgatory, Don't trust the B in Apt 23, The Secret Circle, The Hills, Laguna Beach, Glee, Hart of Dixie, Bates Motel, Beauty and the Beast, Friends, Sex and the City, One Tree Hill, The OC, Skins, Desperate Housewives, --- I'll add more when I remember). But I don't know why I stopped following them. Haha. I think it's because it became a routine and I have a really short attention span so I eventually got tired of watching them. And what I absolutely abhor is when my show gets cancelled. I get so affected, disappointed and frustrated... you can't even imagine. Of course as a fan I want to know what happens next. But sadly, they cut it JUST LIKE THAT. Ugh. Ang bitin tuloy! So I stopped watching american series. Maybe if complete nalang na :)) 

I've always wondered why people are so addicted to Korean music or dramas. My dad and househelp love watching KBS world (this Korean channel), so I thought, why don't I give it a try? Plus I have this friend (Hi Joa!) who is so addicted to Kdrama and she encouraged me to check out a few! :P I started with The Heirs (I think last July?) and now I'm already done with my 10th drama :P Yup, I watch these shows religiously. I think I can blame this obsession for my f*cked up body clock! :))

To all those who are wondering where I watch them, I go to dramacool.com or dramot (you can download this app on your phone/iPad) 

5 reasons why I love K-dramas

1. Unique storyline
2. Handsome actors (Lee Min Ho, Kim Soo Hyun, Lee Sang Yoon, Jang Keun Suk !!!)
3. Cute leading ladies (they act so well!!! and they're all SUPER pretty ~)
4. Just roughly 20 episodes per series! Good for my super short attention span :))
5. Catchy theme songs, yup musical scoring is always important!

Let me share with you guys the 10 dramas I've already seen! If you click the titles, it will lead you to the wiki page of the series.

My favorite so far. I mean I already watched 10 dramas but nothing beats my love for this show. The most unique storyline for me! 

My second favorite!!! HIHIHI. Love everything about this show. I cried buckets. Eto yun halos lahat ng episodes iniyakan ko! Super crush ko yun leading man dito. Hahahaha!

This was okay! I'm not sure if I cried maybe in some parts:))

Cute story! Unusual paring though. Haha the guy looks old for the girl but it worked!:) 

The least I liked. Dunno why I mean it has it's appeal but it didn't really hook me!

HATED the first episode of this, it was so boring. I stopped watching it after the first episode but my friend forced me to give it another try. AND I'M GLAD I DID! Super GV korean drama! Loved the plot too :) 

A BIT BIASED because I LOVE LEE MIN HO SO MUCH (Hahah caps lock para intense lol) so I loved this! I mean the story is just OK but I love the chemistry of the characters. And eto rin yun reason why I got addicted to Kdramas (i mean it's the first drama I watched) haha

AHHHH. When the sungit leading man becomes a softie for a girl... I automatically like the show. HAHAHAHA. Plus gwapo din ng leading man :P Story-wise it's cute (my overused adjective/description for korean shows haha)

CRUSH KO DIN YUN LEADING MAN! :)) Kim Soo Hyun <3 Haha! This is probably my 3rd fave kdrama! ANG GANDA. Story, acting, lahat! A lot of my friends watched this and lahat nagustuhan to!

2 episodes lang to! Didn't know the leading lady is BOA. Famous korean singer :) Sakto lang siya!


There! I'm about to watch It's okay it's love because one of my blog readers suggested it. :) I'm sure you're all wondering why I didn't include boys over flowers. I only watched a few episodes and I stopped. I loved Meteor Garden so much kasi (taiwanese version of the drama) so I'm thinking if I should still watch the Korean version. Eh pareho din naman?? What do you guys think? Sa mga nakapanood both versions, ano mas gusto niyo?

And to all the Kdrama addicts out there, hope you guys can suggest shows I can watch :) Haha!

Really had fun writing this! Ano pa gusto niyo ishare ko here in my blog? Let me know! :)


  1. try My Name is Kim Sam Soon, Full House, Winter Sonata, Witch Yoo Hee, Goong :)

  2. Thanks for this! :) I also love korean drama and movie.
    I will surely watch the Waiting for Love! :))


  3. you should try Princess Hours, Heartstrings, I do I do, Dream High, Love Rain, Spring Waltz :D

  4. KIM SOO HYUN PLS!!!!!! gah i love him so much :(( and jun ji hyun too she's so pretty and their chemistry is incredible <3 watch the thieves (it's a movie tho) KSH and JJH are both in it. + KSH's other dramas/movies: dream high, moon embracing the sun, secretly greatly :-)

  5. Try its okay its love super nice plus gwapo din ng leading man!! :-)


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