Sunday, October 19, 2014 —


Top and jeans from Suiteblanco
Heels from Stradivarius
Bag from Givenchy

It's pretty amazing what happens to your life if you surrender everything to the Lord. This weekend, I got to spend time with my bestfriend Joh who I didn't see for 2 weeks. That's unusual for us because we see each other twice a week. But since work got all piled up and our schedules didn't match, we didn't get to see each other. 

Joh is one of the few people I get to talk to about everything without feeling scared that she'll judge me. I have 100% trust in her (with all my heart, mind and soul). She's also the first person who I texted after camp, when I finally surrendered my life to the Lord. She was so happy that I fully accepted Jesus as my Lord & savior and that I'll finally live my life walking side by side with Jesus.

Back to this weekend, our conversations then would always consist of intense life realizations. May it be about love, past, our careers, the future etc. But this weekend, I remembered reading Joy Tanchi's story in Good Housekeeping October issue (She also has a BLOG!). I've known about Joy's story since the Anchored retreat. My d-group leader, Dan, told me about it. I literally got goosebumps when I heard about what happened to her. If you don't know Joy's story, I highly advise you to google it or watch this video! It actually has 4 parts so just click the other links in the sidebar (suggestions box) of youtube.

Anyway, so I shared Joy Tanchi's story to my friends Joh and Joa. We almost burst into tears while talking about it. After hanging out in the mall, Joh and I went to my house to just chill. We watched a documentation about Joy Tanchi's life story. It moved us so much to the point we started talking about how God is so powerful and so great. We talked about our past and how God used those circumstances to draw us near to Him, to trust Him more, to change us, and to surrender our lives to Him. So for 2 days (Friday and Saturday), Joh and I mostly talked about how God worked on our lives; how joyful and depressing situations were beautifully stitched and became God's work of art. With this in mind, it's really comforting to know that if you allow the Lord to work on your life and let Him be the center of it, He will make it beautiful. Because God loves us so much and He wants the best for us.

So when I got home, I watched the sunday service from 2 weeks ago. It's about being delightful to do God's will. I want to share with you guys this certain slide that really hit me. 

God transforms us through His words. So always remember to pray to Him. Lift everything to Him. Read the bible, do quiet time, attend sunday service. It also helps to have people who you can talk to about God. I am grateful to have friends (my sisters in Christ!) who I can speak to about God's greatness. A big factor is also the circumstance you're in. I'll share in a different blog post how the Lord used a certain painful situation to bring me back to Him. Lastly, God's timing is PERFECT. Everytime you feel impatient about something, just put your complete trust in the Lord. With all these things, transformation and Christlikeness will happen.

 Eversince I surrendered everything to God, He has been transforming me and has been molding me to be the best person that I can be. It's 3am (Sunday morning) and I really feel so blessed to have this kind of life. A life that is filled with God's love and light. 

Have a blessed Sunday everyone :)


  1. I love your sfot curls.Ofcourse! Your sandals looks great ♥

  2.! :) #RelateMuch :D its really true that if you open your heart to God, you'll be surprised how great and wonderful and ooooh soooo amazing His plans are instore for you. Sometimes, magtatanong ka bakit ganon naman kasakit ung pinaramdam Niya, but in the end, you'll thank God pa! hayyyy.. amsarap Niya magmahal.. :) it really inspires to see this post of you Ate Tracy!! ;) Keep it coming and ignite that fire burning!! God bless you more and more!! :)

    love the curls! ;)


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