Barista University

Tuesday, November 25, 2014 —
Welcome to COFFEEMATE's Barista University! ;) 

Do you like your coffee without creamer or sugar? NOT ME! I love coffee but it should be a dirty white, latte, or caramel macchiato! Can't take the bitterness of the coffee. I need it to be creamy and sweet! Luckily, I was invited to a COFFEEMATE event last week wherein they taught us how to make coffee staples like creamy latte, caramel macchiato, iced coffee with cookies! YUM RIGHT? :)

Barista university was situated in CO/OP :) What a nice place! It's so near my house I dunno why I've never been!:))

Host Mr Eco Sala introducing the baristas aka our professors who taught us how to make coffee!

Since I love you guys and I want to share my love for coffee to the whole world, I'm going to include photos of our "book" containing how to make different kinds of coffee + how to make coffee art!

This is actually my new past time! Making coffee at home :P It seems easy pero challenging to make it look presentable + make it taste good! :))

My competitive groupmates! Lau, Dan and Camie! :)

Our yummy drink? ODIBA! :D

Lau explaining why our drink is "filled with love" :)) Dani and I were like "ABA NAITAWID!" =))

Yummy lunch c/o CO/OP! :)

Thank you Coffeemate and Nuffnang for a super fun Barista 101 event! :)

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