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Tuesday, November 4, 2014 —

What a joyful month!! :) :) Random October photos :P

Coffee and chocolates, yes please!

Quiet time :) Still super LSS with Toni Gonzaga's song "This Love is Like" :)

Cupcakes by Sonja!

FOODIE 8-) Oink!

Dgroup and Dae! :)

Shoot at Urban Abode!

H&M is finally here in the Philippines!

Ramen and iced latte :)

Me time at Coffee Bean :)

Sweetness is my weakness!

Shoot at Maginhawa! I wanna eat here at Van Gogh Is Bipolar!

Foodtrip, anyone?

Dessert date with besty and Loureen!

iPhone 5, 6, 6+ comparison. LOL. They should call the i6+ "iPad micro" hahaha

Lol so much food pics. :))

Shades girl forever

Neutrals, baby.

Early morning shoot! HI PAPITO.

Trying to be artsy. Haha!

Obsessed with these Oishi Spicy Prawn Crackers! SARAP.

Sweets again! Red velvet crinkles, brazo minis and yema jar from CRAVE 3.1!

RSSI event with my blogloves:)

Urban Abode.

Me time! Lunch at Green Pastures + movie "The Trial" :)

My constants: Joh and Joa! :)


H&M Opening with Tricia and Pax!

The besses :))

Timer shots. Haha

FAVES. Food and books!

Sundate with Linny!

OOTD. Lol i need a new pose

Caffeine addict. YIKES

Date with the besty!!! :) 

Craft, I love you.

Trish's party! Love ya cuzzo :)

Hello Mikki, Joh and Eggy bro! :)

So happy I saw 4/5 bestfriends this October!!!

Faves lately? This is how you lose her & Jolibee's pancake sandwich. OH MY MY.

Another date with Joh! HAHAHA!

Ger night with my crazy friends! Hello Joh, Pishy, Migs, Digs and Aaron!

OOTD DAW SIYA EH! Hahahahha! Hello Mr. Atayde!

Homemade chocolate covered strawberries + Kdrama I'm watching now (It's okay it's love) :)

Last date with the besty before she left for LA :( Booooo. See you in 7 months!

PintObsessed :p

New beauty products! Thank you BDJ box and Ponds :)


My loka loka friends! Hello Joh and Bella :p

Accidental meetup at Summit Studio. Haha!

AHHHHHHHHH. Loved October. Thank you Lord :)

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