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Monday, November 10, 2014 —

Every woman is unique!

Us girls have different and specific kinds of needs. May it be how you like to dress up, the music you like, the places you go to etc. We have our own choices that will match our personality.

It’s quite funny cos my friends and I are in the age (20+) that we talk about going to OB-GYNE, having kids, and all those women-y stuff! Haha! I’m glad that me and my blog barkada were able to go to an event wherein they talked about this new product that gives specific care for women with specific needs.

Do you know that there is a feminine wash that is available in our country now that is age specific and need specific? J YES! naFlora feminine hygiene wash offers 3 different variants that will cater to a woman’s age and needs. It has proper ingredients that are suitable for your age!

For women of reproductive age, there is naFlora protect. It’s for everyday use. And for women like me! :P Pretty cool that it has tea tree extract (I’m a sucker for tea tree anything haha) that prevent irritations and infections.

For women who just gave birth/with infections, there is finally a feminine wash that you can use as an adjunct therapy: naFlora restore. This is the time women really need to take care of their hygiene. And I was really amazed to find out naFlora offers this kind of variant!

For the women who are already on their menopausal stage, there is naFlora moisture for you! During this period in a woman’s life, she’ll be experiencing a lot of changes. So hygiene care should be pretty consistent.

So why should you switch from your regular feminine wash to naFlora? Well it is hypoallergenic, proven effective and caters to women of every age. Every woman is unique. So her feminine wash should be, too ;) 

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