Loving lost

Thursday, November 13, 2014 —
Embrace the unknown :)

Last February, I left the Philippines to just travel and get lost. For almost everyday for 2 months, I was alone. Sure I lived with my friends but they had work so I'll only see them at night. I never thought I could do it. To go to a foreign place without any plans and just... get lost. 

Last tuesday, Lissa and I got to know about Roxy's new campaign: Loving Lost. 

Awesome performances by Lena Mckenzie, Reese and Rizza!

Through the years, the Roxy girl has been known as the girl who’ll drop everything when adventure and wanderlust calls. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a weekend beach trip or a weeklong escape during the holidays, the Roxy girl is game no matter what adventure is thrown at her.

Always chasing the epic moments that she’ll remember forever, the Roxy girl does everything in style -- donning bright and breezy pieces that are as fun and spontaneous as her.

But as times and seasons change, so do the Roxy girls. From being simple free spirits, they have become what is now known as multi-passionates. Whether she’s a surfer chic-college student-photographer-artist or an athlete-coach-marketing professional, the Roxy girl’s role may have evolved, but her wanderlust is something that continues to fuel her soul.


Since Roxy’s Loving Lost Campaign was introduced globally, multi-passionate Roxy girls have been taking the opportunity to pursue their passion to see the world and immerse themselves in different cultures as they fulfill their need to have a career – whether it’s corporate or something more out of the box, it doesn’t matter, the Roxy girl can handle it.

Juggling all these is what makes the Roxy girl the special type of girl that she is: never breaking, never one to conform. She marches to the beat of her own drum with awesome stories to share after.

I am a Roxy Girl ;) Are you?

Where are you headed this holiday season? Will you be going to the beach? Will you be going abroad and explore the big cities? Wherever you may be headed, let Roxy be part of your awesome adventure.

Stay restless, stay curious.

AHHHH... I can't wait to get lost soon.

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