Wednesday, November 5, 2014 —

Be a Super / Star ;)

I can’t remember when I started being a healthy eater. I admit there are times I overdose on sweets (HAHA) but I rarely eat junkfood, rice, and I don't drink alcohol anymore. I’ve tried master cleanse, juice diets, calorie-counted meals and the like. But I realized I can actually just create healthy and balanced meal plans myself.  Most of the time I eat salads and fruits for lunch and dinner. I love my meat but I try to eat it every other day only. I love bread (carbs carbs carbs hahaha) so I eat a lot of pandesal during snack time.

My problem is, I tend to skip breakfast and eat unhealthy stuff (chocolate, cupcakes, cakes) during snack time. Yes, I eat healthy during lunch and dinner but I tend to forget breakfast is the most important meal of the day and snacks should be healthy, too!

I’m always on the go during breakfast and merienda breaks (most of the time doing pullouts in malls or attending meetings) so I need an easy to eat food for breakfast and merienda. Discovered yogurt is the perfect substitute for all those unhealthy snacks and is perfect for breakfast (I’m really not a breakfast person cos I still don’t have the will to eat during that time).

Thank God I found the perfect breakfast and merienda food!!!! Hoarded nestle fruit selection yogurt last week and googled the benefits of it. It highlights 5 things. First one, it is low-fat. So to all those who are calorie conscious, don’t worry! It won’t take a big chunk of your fixed calorie-intake per day. Second, it’s a good source of calcium. So to all athletic people out there, this is your perfect workout snack! Third, it’s good for digestion. Fourth one, the live microorganisms helps boost immunity. For a busy person like me, this is so important because I don’t like getting sick. I mean, who wants that right? I need to be productive 24/7! And lastly, it’s such a yummy food! Most people think healthy food are bland and boring but not the nestle fruit selection yogurt!

While googling about this, I found out they have a contest! It’s the super/star video making contest. Sounds hard but not really! You just have to create your own version of the nestle fruit selection yogurt tv commericial (insert link of the commercial here) USING your mobile phone and flipagram (if you don’t have the app yet, download it now!!). So basically, you just have to compile photos and add captions! That easy!! And guess what? The winner gets to win a trip to Bali for 4!! Check out the poster for the full mechanics!

I actually created my version! Check it out guys :D

Hope one of my readers win this contest! Sama niyo ko sa Bali ha? Lol! :P Goodluck everyone!! x

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