The Clingies at CWC Camsur!

Friday, November 7, 2014 —

Spent my Halloweekend in Camsur with the greatest people you'll ever meet :P

We rode a party bus (or should I say the ultimate sleeping bus) to Camsur. It took us 10 hours to get there. I'm the kind of person who enjoys long rides so it was definitely ok with me that I didn't ride the plane to Bicol. I was just listening to my iPod, contemplating, and at most parts... sleeping during the whole 10-hour ride.

We left Manila around 130am and arrived at CWC Camsur around 11ish. The bus dropped us off infront of our villa. Cabin in the woods ang peg!

Shared this cabin with Ana, Pax, and Paul. So spacious, clean, and cozy! We spent most of our free time here inside the cabin. Sobrang chillax eh!

Check out my outfit details here!

Taking advantage of the nice cabin! MORE MORE PHOTOS! Hahaha

After taking a bath, it's time to eat lunch!

I wasn't able to take an outfit shot of the ensemble I'm wearing in the (group) photo above. But it's from Forever 21. Woot woot!

Thank you Aicha and JM for taking care of us the whole weekend!

The wakepark! It's actually my first time here so my jaw dropped when I saw the people who were wakeboarding. There was a competition and the pros were just plain... awesome. Got me more excited to try it!

We walked around and found the inflatables! 

Paul being vain with his gopro. LOL! After this shot, we decided to go back to our room. The original plan was to go swimming and try wakeboarding. But it rained and we got lazy so we just stayed in our room and talked about the most random / laughtrip things in the world =))

Then we went out around 11pm na! Just in time for the CWC Halloween party! Theme was zombies but because I NEVER liked Halloween (I'm too lazy to prepare for it!) I just wore my black dress + the Minnie Mouse headband SM Accessories sent me. I was like... OK NA TO! I was a "dead mouse" HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. May inside joke to' that only my close friends will get. :P

EFFORT SI TEH! Kaloka ng costume niya.

Hi Pax and Ana!

Hello DJ Divine ;)

Sobrang astig because the lights went off then biglang nag flashmob mga "zombies" :p THRILLER by Michael Jackson! Then fireworks. Waaaah. Super enjoyed it!!! Thought I won't because I don't drink/party anymore but I had fun dancing with ze zombies hahaha

The devils and the daga according to Anabanana!

Camsur group woot woot!

I JUST HAD TO POST THESE. I had fun imitating this ghost thingy's movements that night. Hahaha sobrang sabaw. And there was a time I was just staring at it. Hahaha. Ang labo lang. Sometimes, I don't get myself. LOL

The hottest DJ for me! Hola Divine :D

The next day, Pax and I woke up at around 11am na :)) Thank you CESA for my uber cute and girly bikini!

We were supposed to swim but... WAKEBOARDING NALANG!

First timers. YAY!

While walking around CWC we decided to check out the other cabins! Ang gaganda.

Oh before we went wakeboarding, we played sa inflatables! Where Paul lost his gopro! Buti nahanap :P

Bagong ligo realness. HAHA. Hi Vina, Ana, Paul and Pax!

THIS IS IT! Wakeboarding time :) Thanks CESA for my neoprene rashguard :)

HIHI I'M SO VAIN. Selfie pa more! lol. 

This part was for the pros!

But since it was my first time...

They brought us to the beginners part! Thank you Kuya Coach for being so patient! And Ana for believing in me. =))

First try I was able to stand up for only 2 seconds. HAHAHA!!! Then I fell. But when I tried it again, yun na I was able to stand up!!! If you ask me, I like surfing better. I mean, I enjoyed wakeboarding din naman. Siguro lang I need to go back to CWC again then spend 2 full days there so I can really get a good grasp of it. ;)

Thank you Banans for cheering me! Grabe this girl sobrang lakas ng paniniwala sakin! :) Love it :D 

Thank you Vina for taking my photos! :) 

UY OH. Hahahaha! Feel na feel. LOL.

I'm gonna be so good at wakeboarding someday, you'll see :))

Weird experience with this baka. HAHAHA I KEPT SAYING MOO (I was mocking it lol). And it followed me! Pax was so scared it might chase me =)) 

Pretty Paxieness wearing a CESA rashguard :)

The walk back to the cabin to prepare for our 8pm departure was super sad! May matching sunset pa to complete the mood. Huhu! I wanna go baaaack! ESCAPE FOREVER PLS

Thank you Echochannels (especially to JM and Aicha) for this trip! And of course, Gov. Migz Villafuerte :P 

CWC Camsur is located at Provincial Capitol Complex Cadlan, Pili, Camarines Sur, Philippines.

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