The gift of time

Tuesday, November 18, 2014 —

Don't let time slip away and life to just pass you by...

Top - Giordano
Pants - Topshop
Shoes - Nike
Shades - Rayban

I had a phase in my life wherein I would always tell my friends whenever they’d ask me to hangout: “Sorry I’m super busy, next time!” But thinking about it now, sure I was busy but I still had spare time that I could use to go out with them. I just preferred to laze around the house or sleep.

This year I’m trying to change that attitude. The gift of time is the most precious thing in the world that you can give to the people you love. Make time and bond with them, because I really believe that time is gold and life is too short.

This Holiday season, that’s the best thing you can give your family or friends. If you need actual/physical gifts, I suggest you give them watches from TOMATO TIME as a reminder of the "gift of time." Then add a sweet note about promising (as long as you keep them! :P) to give time to them.

I actually bought Papa one. Sakto pa because the cans designs’ have the letter T and we’re both T (Tony and Tracy). TOMATO TIME has a lot of watches from girly to edgy to classy… the list goes on. And the cheapest watch you can get is 800! I think the most expensive one is just 1300. How affordable right? They also have couple watches btw! Yan, gift of time is super important for romantic relationships (Actually, all kinds of relationships naman!) lol

You can order through their website, TOMATO TIME :)

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