Trying out RF and IPL

Wednesday, November 19, 2014 —

Finally tried RF and IPL services in YSA Skin and Body Experts! Here's what happened :)

So yesterday, I went to YSA Skin and Body Experts Greenfield shaw branch.

Since I'm not getting any younger, I'm starting to work on myself. Eating right, exercising, always making sure I look presentable and the like. I never liked going to cosmetic clinics but then YSA Skin and Body experts definitely changed my feelings towards beautifying yourself using machines (NOPE, this is not surgery!)

I'm so tired of waxing. Going to wax salons and spending a lot of money. It's time consuming and such a hassle. So this year I promised myself I'm going to invest on IPL services. It's permanent laser hair removal. If you're wondering if it's painful, no. They just put gel on your preferred part (mine's underarms) and do the laser procedure for about 10minutes? For some, they can feel a bit of sting but I promise you, it's tolerable. 

Usually you have to go back for 7-10 sessions to fully get rid of the hair. You have to go back every 3 weeks. It's a bit pricey per session but imagine, getting rid of your unwanted hair for the rest of your life? Plus I actually calculated what I spent for waxing and man... I should've done IPL a long time ago -_-

The procedure I did was RF. I've always wondered about it. The picture above is the machine and the one in the right side is the metal plate you have to put in your back so you don't get grounded! 

 I'm super madiet and I exercise but I'm going to be honest, there are days I'm lazy to do all those and I just want fast results. RF is radio frequency to all those who aren't familiar with it. It is used to reduce fat, body conturing and tighten skin. I did RF in my tummy, thighs, and arms. Don't worry, it's noninvasive. Meaning, no surgery. They just put gel in those areas and use this machine to massage it in those parts! 

Para lang massage, guys! No pain. Of course there's heat because it's supposed to burn fat but tolerable. Plus you can ask your technician to lower down the heat level if di niyo na kaya.

Was surprised because immediate results! I want to do RF on my face na also because I heard it will really contour your face! Again, to those people who are scared, this is safe. Kahit i-google niyo pa! But people with metal implants can't do this procedure. Of course, it's radio frequency! Magground kayo :p

RF for the face costs 1,000 per session and RF for the other body parts (legs, arms, tummy) is 1,500. They're probably one of the most affordable clinics in metro manila who does RF! I heard some clinics charge daw 5k per session. WHUT! 8-)

Thank you so much Ms Jasmine, Shiela and Jel! They made sure I was super relaxed. It was my first time to do RF so I was scared but there's no reason to be scared pala!

YSA has a lot of branches but the one I go to is at Greenfield District in Shaw (in front of Shang). 2nd floor, Pavilion. :)

Can't wait for my next sessions! :D

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  1. How about the price of the ipl in underarms anf lower leg part? Thank you.:)


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