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Wednesday, November 12, 2014 —

...just for a day :p

Sweater and jeans - Shana
Sneakers - Stradivarius
Pink beanie - a random store in Sagada 

Some (or perhaps most) of you are probably shocked to 1) read the blog title 2) see this outfit post. Because 3) I rarely wear color nowadays --- black white and nude only! 4) & I'm all for minimalism / I avoid anything printed. 

I just wanted to wear something different since my outfits are always too serious. Haha. So here's something "cute" and K-pop inspired. I've had this sweater and pants for 6 months already but never had a chance to wear them. Thought Baguio is the perfect place to wear this comfy outfit. Really kept me warm, btw. And the beanie I'm wearing here... I've had for 2 years already. Bought this one in some random pasalubong store in Sagada. 

Oh thank you closet for the hidden gems aka clothes that have been buried :)) 

I feel like typing a lot today.

One big anyway... wore this during my third day in Baguio. Took outfit shots in the hotel we stayed in: Azalea Residences. At 8am in the morning. YES 8am (this is my sleeping time in Manila haha no kidding!) Apparently, I become a morning person whenever I travel #NoChoice #NoTimeToWaste haha

To all those who didn't get to read my blog yesterday (tsk, tsk!) here's the link to a more comprehensive review of Azalea Residences and my Baguio day 1 OOTD! :) HELLO BAGUIO!

LOL. You are probably wondering why I included these photos. I'm not a morning person but because I love Azalea's breakfast buffet, I woke up at 7am for 2 days just to fill my tummy with their super sarap food! SO WORTH IT. I'm so sorry if the shots look ugly because DUDE, it was too early for me to take food shots too seriously. Hehe

Again, thank you Azalea Residences for this awesome 1-bedroom suite. And for filling my tummy with yummy food from Tradisyon. 8-) I definitely enjoyed my 3-day vacation in the City of Pines! :)

To all those who are planning to go to Baguio, I recommend you guys to stay at AZALEA RESIDENCES (#7 Leonard Wood Loop, Bgy. M. Roxas Baguio City 2600, Philippines)

Wow... that was long. K! Enough for now.


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